Mommy and Daddy Time

With four days in the hospital, and relatively little sleep, there was plenty of time to take 8 GB worth of photos and video. Here are some of the highlights of what happened behind the scenes in room 340!

Colin’s First Visitors

Colin was super popular in the hospital, with his first visitors waiting in the Visitor Room for his arrival and others soon behind. It was a fun way to break up the days, even though Colin was a little worn out from entering the world!


So, Baby Plum has arrived! We welcome Colin Brian Tucker with loving arms! He showed no signs of wanting to enter the real world so we planned to evict him via induction on the 17th. Due to his size and the fact that he was no where near where he needed to be for labor,…

A Weekend of Fun for MD Shower

The baby shower on the Tucker side was at the infamous Il Forno‘s. It was a fantastic affair of family, friends and the best pizza around! We made a weekend of it with the out-of-towners, capping off a great celebration for Plum’s imminent arrival!

A Final Look from the Inside

We had our first and only sonogram in the US at the 36/37-week mark, getting to see Baby Plum for the first time since the end of June. Things were definitely more squished than in months past, but we got to see all the basics – heart, spine, arms, legs, hands, feet and – the…