Merry Christmas to All!

Colin wants to wish everyone a merry Christmas. Check out his holiday photo shoot – his present to you (yes, he’s a little vain…just like his dad!) – plus time with Santa!

Thanksgiving Fun!

Thanksgiving was a welcome holiday – our first in the US in three years! It was obviously special being Colin’s first and celebrating amongst family in MD. Colin was very disciplined and didn’t load up on turkey, trimmings and wine like his parents. Maybe next year… Regardless, we had much to be thankful for!

A Few More Firsts

So, before Colin hit the month mark, he had a few firsts. After two and a half weeks, he lost his umbilical cord, which means a very exciting new phase – he was ready for bath time! To say it was a disaster isn’t entirely accurate but not terribly far off. He liked getting his…

Visitors From Near and Far

Being out of the hospital for a few weeks spending quiet time at home, we enjoyed introducing Colin to new faces. While Hurricane Sandy prevented a few visits, visitors from DC and Philly were a welcome part of our weekends! The Dunleavys were Colin’s first overnight guests. He was excited to meet future playmates Keira…