Santa, Baby!

So, Colin still isn’t loving Santa. But, he is somewhat getting the concept of a visit that equates to presents. So, he was on board to visit his buddy/nemesis for the fourth time since his birth. On the request list? A Hulk smash car and My Little Pony. Should be a good Christmas, indeed!

Two Different Winter Weekends

Right before the holiday rush, the family was split up celebrating two very different winter weekends. Colin enjoyed some country living for a few days, while mom and dad headed West for Allie and Preston’s Colorado wedding. Both were amazing, yet diverse ways to spend time out and about. While Colin roamed outside enjoying 60-degree…

Trimming the Tree

It was drama-free getting and decorating this year’s Christmas tree, and we couldn’t have been happier! Colin was into making his creative mark, and the end result was a well-dressed Balsam fir! Merry Christmas! P.S. This was our 450th post!

Breakfast with Trains and Santa

For a special treat, we had breakfast among the trains and Santa Claus as we geared up for the holiday season. While the food left something to be desired, some quality time with the man up North, a train ride through West Baltimore and tons of train toy tables meant a good time all around!

Winter Festival Out West

Winter Festival at Ticonderoga Farms was a great way to spend a morning. There was a hay ride, giant things to jump on and slide down, and even a chance to get a Christmas tree (though we didn’t pick one up that day). We come thoroughly entertained, and worn out!

The Zoo in Lights

Our first holiday entertainment was a trip to Zoo Lights to take in the sights and sounds of the season. Taking advantage of a seasonably warm night, we saw all the exhibits on offer and even took in a few new spots we didn’t make it to last year. It was a fun time that…

Thanksgiving 2015

Nothing like the addition of even more fried food to the menu (in this case, the dessert course) to make an already great holiday even better. With warmer weather, great company and a whole second turkey to enjoy the next day, it was a great time all around!

Zoo-mania in Philly

Always fun to catch up with friends, and even better when it’s at the zoo! Yes, keeping track of 6 little ones may have proven a challenge for 6 middle-aged adults. But, we all had fun and came out with everyone!