Day to Day Fun

While we’re known to have tons of adventure near and far, it’s nice to appreciate the day to day as well. Here are moments big and small of recent weeks… (Don’t worry – he was fine and back to climbing minutes later!)

Howling Good Fun

Another President’s Day weekend, and another trip to Great Wolf Lodge…seems to be becoming a tradition! We avoided some of the coldest temperatures of the season with some good fun in the indoor water park.

Oh What a Snow!

The hype turned into reality with Snowzilla 2016. 30 inches over 30 hours was quite the showing for our area, which pretty much shut down for the weekend. While we got a little stir crazy at times, it was quite the adventure to remember!

Hoya Basketball!

It was time for C to experience a great sport live – college basketball – and not with just any team, but the Georgetown Hoyas! It was a heart-pumping game against #4 Villanova. But, while they kept it close, the Hoyas couldn’t capture the win. C was happy nonetheless, as there were seemingly unending treats…

Sleepover Fun

Nothing to break up the routine like a family sleepover at a friends’ house. There wasn’t a whole lot of sleeping going on, but it was still fun nonetheless! Favorite foods, new toys, up until the wee hours gabbing – good times (even if it did require a good nap afterwards)!