Friends or Superheroes?

It had been over four months, so we were due to get the “Hoya” kids together! The weather held out for an afternoon in the park, followed by pizza and “late night” March Madness. A great weekend with great friends!

Easter for the Ages

Easter seems to have become the holiday of chocolate, so naturally it’s one of Colin’s most favorite days of the year! And, this one didn’t disappoint, especially when you add a ton of Legos, cousins to play with and bunny-shaped pancakes for breakfast!

Blossom-Filled Boat Ride

Some funky weather caused the DC-area cherry blossoms to peak earlier than expected. But we were able to take the change in stride and schedule a cherry blossom-themed cruise to see the trees at their peak. It was a much more tame experience than fighting the crowds around the Tidal Basin, so something we hope…

Under the Sea

While a definite highlight to a quick Florida trip was breakfast with Mickey and friends, another was a day at SeaWorld! We saw every animal imaginable, and even got to have lunch with sharks swimming next to us – C’s favorite. It was a great day out for sure!