Hiking GSMNP

Part of the appeal of the Smoky Mountains is definitely getting out in nature – and we were able to be one with nature through some hiking. Though it took a little prodding, once we were out and about, it was a great time!

Atop the Mountain!

Early on in a trip to Great Smoky Mountain National Park, we went high above the clouds to an outdoor garden and park called Anakeesta. Part of the fun is just getting there – a 15-minute ride up a mountain! We enjoyed quality outdoor time and great views for the effort! On our way up…

Christmas Fun in Spring

With the pandemic, we knew spring break had to be distanced and outdoor-focused – we found the perfect solution in a tricked-out cabin at the base of Smoky Mountain National Park! This Christmas-themed cabin had its own pool, hot tub, games and fire pit. It was hard to leave! O in Christmas heaven Yep, every…

Thrill at the Theater

We had booked a trip to the movies so long ago, we had practically forgotten. But, the day had come to enjoy our very own theater to watch the (far-from) critically acclaimed Tom & Jerry movie. It was a definite treat!

Easter 2021 – Part 2!

Easter started out with fun inside, and with wonderful weather, we headed out back for a special egg hunt! The thrill of the hunt was over in a flash, but the sugar high lasted much longer!

Real, Live Egg Hunt!

While we had fun at home the last Easter, we were excited to find an opportunity for a hunt out and about this year! The wet weather kept others away – so plenty of room to fill up on eggs and outside fun!

Foggy Adventure

We were hopeful another weekend in wine country would bring nice weather, but it wasn’t meant to be. While it wasn’t too cold, it wasn’t exactly clear and bright. It didn’t dampen our spirits or appetite, so in the end, all was well!

Signs of Spring

The weather is starting to break and we have been able to take advantage of more outside time! In a win for both kids and parents, we went back to a nearby winery. The wine-Girl Scout cookie pairing turned out to be a win all around, as were the crepes. But, the sun and fresh…