Back in the Desert

We safely landed back in the UAE on Monday night after our whirlwind (but way too brief) vacation in the US. Yes, we were reminded by our conversation with the JFK customs official that our trip to America was in fact, a “vacation”. It certainly was odd to say that!

Landing in the UAE on Monday had a much different feel than when we first landed back in September. The 100 degree heat, the roads, the people – all felt familiar. And when we walked into our apartment, weary from the long trip, “our” bed never felt so comfortable. This country has really started to feel like home.

But as comfortable as we are here, we are already missing the family and friends we just left! (Although, we don’t think anyone’s stomach is missing all the extra food and alcohol our trip encouraged!)

We love you guys and we can’t wait to see you at Christmas!!

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