Hanging in Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village was a super fun place to be based for a couple days. While the activities like husky sleds, reindeers and snowmobiling were a thrill, the village itself had a lot to take in, too. Here’s what went down at the Arctic Circle.

Arctic Circle Fun

While Helsinki provided some city fun, and visiting Santa was a real treat, there was tons more to do in Finland, and specifically the Arctic Circle, where the lows got down to a chilling 5 degrees. But, armed with warm winter gear and the occasional hot chocolate or spiked gloggi, we were good to go!

Visiting Santa at the “North Pole”

While people may realize that Santa Claus comes from Finland, few get the chance to meet the big man near his home. We were fortunate enough to make the trek to his secret forest – Joulukka – outside the town of Rovaniemi (where we stayed at Santa Claus Village, of course). In what seemed like…

Hei, Helsinki!

We were off to see Santa Claus in the Arctic Circle (i.e., the North Pole) during Thanksgiving week, but we first got acclimated to the gem of a city – Helsinki! We took a bus tour to get a lay of the land, and explored central Helsinki by foot and even by ferris wheel…