The Tastes of Nashville

While Nashville’s sights were undoubtedly impressive, we took full advantage of the equally amazing food culture there…perhaps a little too much during our quick trip!

Charleston: All About Food

Charleston is most definitely known as a food destination, so we had to make the most of eating during our three-day weekend. We stuck to a genre – southern – with some BBQ mixed in for good measure. We left full and happy!

The Final BBQ Mecca, Conquered

We’ve enjoyed a BBQ destination or three in our days. Memphis? Check. North Carolina? Been there. Texas? Conquered. The final major BBQ town on our list? Kansas City, of course! While our trip centered on sweet, juicy meat, we also explored other key sights, including historic Union Station, the Crown Plaza (Hallmark HQ) and Boulevard…

Breaking the Rules

A recent trip to Kansas City (more about the details later) was like hitting the freedom trail for Colin. No rules! (Well, relatively little.) Check out his misadventures letting loose in the Midwest!

Pork in the Park!

Though Colin’s experience with solid foods is a mere few weeks old, we needed expose him to BBQ early, since it’ll soon be a go-to food of choice. What better introduction than Pork in the Park, the largest Kansas City Barbecue Society-sanctioned (apparently this is a big deal) competition on the East Coast. While we…