Armful of grandsons

A MD 4th

What started out rainy, ended as a beautiful Fourth of July. There was swimming and four wheeling and grilling and firing up some s’mores. What more could we have asked for in the MD countryside?!

A fun day!

Chi-Town Friends!

The benefit of a visit to Chicago was meeting up with friends we hadn’t seen in ages (and some only virtually!). It was so great to spend time together, that we can’t wait to come back (as long as it’s not the heart of winter!).

We made it!

Historic Baseball Visit

While in Chicago, a must do was visit Wrigley Field. And, it just so happened that the Cubs were in town – and playing during the day – so we could catch a game. Everyone was super nice and super committed to their Cubs, so we couldn’t help but cheer them on, too (at least …

BBQ feast!

Father’s Day Feasting

With so much craziness the day before, Father’s Day was all about relaxing and enjoying the finer things in life – food and booze! A BBQ and beer brunch, gave way to a relaxed afternoon, followed by a Mexican dinner with ice cream for dessert. Not a bad day at all!

Nonna and her boys

First Birthday Bash

A first birthday bash brought us up to CT for the weekend. There was pizza and kids and more toys inside and out than the kids knew what to do with. The makings of a great afternoon…into evening.

Meeting a Founding Father

A Summer Blast

A quick day trip for some fun in Philly brought a perfect summer day. There was a fair (with all its entertainment and good eats), water play and lots of laughs (before the no-nap crankiness set in). We hope many more of these days throughout the summer!