Looking good with his mask

Hitting His Halloween Stride

Even more so than last year, Colin got into the Halloween spirit. The evening started with a Halloween parade at school, and ended with trick-or-treating with his best bud. Although he could only eat one thing from his haul (goldfish), the journey to candy was truly the adventure.

Until snacks were involved

Parading Around Town

While mom was spending time with friends, Colin and dad headed off to Williamsport to hang out with family and watch his cousin perform in the largest night parade on the East Coast. Here’s to a lovely fall weekend in the country!

A great weekend!

The Quad Goes to Washington

Every year, give or take, the Quad – four ladies who braved the PR world together in a set of four cubicles – enjoy a relaxing weekend together. This year’s location was DC, tied in with seats at the Human Rights Campaign annual dinner for an extra special treat. Good food, a relaxing spa visit …

Feeding snacks to his new friend

Treats, Not Tricks, at the Zoo

With more fall festivals than hours in the day, we needed to pick our fests wisely. We opted for live-action animals, combined with some trick-or-treating, at the Reston Zoo. It didn’t disappoint. From feeding the goats, sheep and birds, to checking out the camels, zebra and snakes, it was an action-packed morning!

A birthday cupcake

Two is Terrific

Colin turned two on a beautiful fall day. We spent the morning snapping some photos among the foliage, and then celebrated the momentous day at Il Forno (aka Uncle Dave’s Pizza Hut). There was great food, mediocre singing for both Colin and his aunt Katie, and lightsaber battles outside. Colin deemed the day a definite …

Oct. 2014

Third Time is Charming!

The PACE babes celebrated their second birthdays together – capped with the third infamous couch photo. While everyone couldn’t be there, there was plenty of toddler chaos represented. And, they barely fit compared with years past!

His turn towards the dark side is complete!

The Force is strong in this one!

It is no secret that I am a geek for all things Star Wars. However, it was never anything I intended to push on Colin. He has a few Star Wars t-shirts, a couple books and stuffed characters…um, okay maybe I was hoping for him to be a fan. But, I didn’t dare think it …

A personal favorite, baby donkey

A County (Af)Fair

With beautiful fall day ahead of us, we watched some of our tax dollars at work while attending the Fairfax County Fall Fest. This meant “free” arts and crafts, a petting zoo and entertainment, plus some not-so-free food and rides. Another great outing to demonstrate why fall is the best time of year!

Fun at Cox Farms!

Feeling Like Fall

Despite the temperatures near 80, the first weekend of fall truly brought out the best of the season with a visit to Cox Farms. There were pumpkins, a hay ride, apple cider and warm donuts – all the makings of a great fall day. That – combined with no less than 10 slides (all of …

With buddy Aidan

Fall Play Dates

Ah, fall! The best time of year. While the weather was clear and warm, Colin spent a few weekends with friends at a nearby park – first with Aidan and then with Ben. Nothing like running around for a few hours to help make nap time go more smoothly!