Both on the Hunt

It’s our 600th post! We found a relatively low-key egg hunt to get in the spirit of Easter this year. Colin and Owen took what was rightfully theirs during a beautiful afternoon at Frying Pan Farm Park, and then celebrated hanging out with some animals and a playground!

Springtime Snow

So we were basically snow-less all winter, and it took the first 2 days of spring to see the white stuff out in full force. Some of us were enjoying the weather, others not so much.

Prepping for Easter

The time was upon us to – yet again – color Easter eggs with some great buddies! Everyone did really well this year, with only one cup spilling (a record since we’ve been doing this) and a bunch of brightly colored, sticker-filled eggs to enjoy!


Both Colin and Owen are old pros at the barber shop, but this winter brought a new milestone – both boys sitting alone for their stylin new hairdos. Yay!

More of the Sunshine State

The winter blues were setting in, so 3/4 of the family sought a blast of warmth and sunshine in Florida once again. While we only made it to the pool one day (and sadly, without pictures), we enjoyed all the sun and outdoors we could during a long weekend away with Nonna and Kathy!

“Phun” in the Philly Area

Every once in a while, we get to make the trip up to the greater Philly area to catch up with some of our favorite people. While it was a bit too rainy for our tastes, it was overall a great opportunity to spend time with good friends!

More Fun at GWL

Taking our adventures out of the water, we enjoyed a little bit of what Williamsburg and Great Wolf Lodge had to offer.

5th February at Great Wolf

For the fifth time in a row, we spent a cold, winter weekend in warm and wet Great Wolf Lodge. Little did we know we’d start a tradition after our trip to Florida was cancelled at the last minute so many years ago. This year, Owen was a much more active participant – and the…

Go Hoyas!

At least once or twice a season, we like to get into the Georgetown spirit with some men’s basketball. Recently we savored a victory against Seton Hall in an exciting game. Colin was among the loudest fans. Hope March looks as good!