A Tale of Two Weekends Part Two

So another weekend, another very different experience. This time, Megan and Brian headed to Atlantic City for some time kid-free with friends, while Colin was spoiled rotten by his grandparents. Who had the better weekend? A toss up for sure!             

Indoor play gym

A Tale of Two Weekends

A tale of two very different September weekends – one was spent low-key at home with the boys and the other was living it up in Chicago with the girls for a bachelorette weekend. Both were fun and exhausting in their own ways!

Loving the bubbles

Party On, Excellent!

Colin got to sneak in another birthday party with his school friends before summer was over, celebrating AJ’s third. It was in an indoor play gym, so he could expend lots of energy (and of course fuel up for more play with cake!).

First up - the carousel

A Fair Time

An upside to MV in August is the West Tisbury Agricultural Fair, with animals, rides, games and more varieties of fried food than one can count. Here are some of the adventures!

Cocktails - cheers!

Deck Time Done Right

One of the best parts of a Martha’s Vineyard vacation is deck time. The end-of-the-day-drink-and-munch fest to wind down and prepare for a fun evening ahead. With as many as 7 kids 4 and under around, deck time was not necessarily the most relaxing this go around. But, it was fun nonetheless!

Sitting pretty

Beach Time – MV-Style

The beach was probably the biggest hit of the Vineyard vacation – nothing like a pounding by some frigid water to keep you coming back for more. We had time rolling in South Beach’s big waves, and relaxing with some dinner as the calm waters lapped the sand in Menemsha. Heaven!

First on the agenda? Light saber battle!

The Vin-yahd – A Good Start

First and foremost, happy 5-year anniversary of our blog! It has been an amazing ride since our first post. Now onto regularly scheduled programming… A week at the Vineyard, and so much to see and do! With boats, light saber battles, ice cream and a walk along the water, the first day didn’t disappoint!

Got it!

Wet and Wild Cousins

An unexpected afternoon was spent with cousins traveling through, and it was wet and wild at the sprayground! Even with some quality time at the fair, this was Colin’s highlight with buddies Canon and Sydney!