First on the agenda? Light saber battle!

The Vin-yahd – A Good Start

First and foremost, happy 5-year anniversary of our blog! It has been an amazing ride since our first post. Now onto regularly scheduled programming… A week at the Vineyard, and so much to see and do! With boats, light saber battles, ice cream and a walk along the water, the first day didn’t disappoint!

Got it!

Wet and Wild Cousins

An unexpected afternoon was spent with cousins traveling through, and it was wet and wild at the sprayground! Even with some quality time at the fair, this was Colin’s highlight with buddies Canon and Sydney!

First ones to arrive!

The Suite Life

We were the lucky guests of Charles Schwab in one of the suites at Nationals Park. We took full advantage of the all-you-can-eat-and-drink set up, plush seating and (relative) space for C to roam as we watched the game. Going back to regular seats will never be the same!

Yay - Star Wars day!

May the Force Be With You(r Bat)

When we found out the Nationals were having a Star Wars day, we were all in. The promise of seeing characters like Darth Vader, plus watch a baseball game – two of Colin’s favorite things – were a no brainer. The Dark Side won, as the Nationals lost 5-0. But, it was an unforgettable day …

Armful of grandsons

A MD 4th

What started out rainy, ended as a beautiful Fourth of July. There was swimming and four wheeling and grilling and firing up some s’mores. What more could we have asked for in the MD countryside?!

A fun day!

Chi-Town Friends!

The benefit of a visit to Chicago was meeting up with friends we hadn’t seen in ages (and some only virtually!). It was so great to spend time together, that we can’t wait to come back (as long as it’s not the heart of winter!).

We made it!

Historic Baseball Visit

While in Chicago, a must do was visit Wrigley Field. And, it just so happened that the Cubs were in town – and playing during the day – so we could catch a game. Everyone was super nice and super committed to their Cubs, so we couldn’t help but cheer them on, too (at least …