A great week in OC!

OC Part Deux

After an epic first trip to Ocean City last year, Colin was eager to relive the experience. He was mobile this time around, so had the opportunity to take full advantage of the sights, sounds, tastes and activities the beach destination had to offer.

Enjoying the final product

No Rules

So, for a rare treat, Colin spent 30 hours alone with Nanie and Pop Pop due to a much-anticipated/belated birthday weekend for Megan. There were definitely no rules, as it should be at the grandparents’ house, with treats like sugary cereal, chocolate milk and lounging by the pool. Here is the action caught on film…

Woo-hoo - what a weekend!

Summertime Cool

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…and fun! With a whirlwind tour, spurred by the arrival of Colin’s newest friend – 2-week-old Maren – we caught up with many good friends. Given the near 90-degree heat, and much to C’s delight, there was plenty of pool time during the weekend…


Lots of Friends, Little Time

At the young age of 18 months, Colin started the birthday party circuit given his daycare buddies are a bit older. Recent parties from June show the organized chaos of a bunch of toddlers expending energy. They are mighty cute though, if a handful…

His first motorized vhicle

A Second 4th

Like last year, Colin was on the move for his second Fourth of July. This time it was up to Williamsport for some Tucker family fun. Motorized vehicles, pool and fire – a holiday in the country! This is how C rolls…


Beat down!

Google Auto Awesome is…well…awesome. Every day, it uses our photos backed up on Google Drive, and creates something fun (using a program, not an actual person of course). Sometimes it’s adding David Hasselhoff in the background, floating hearts, or combining a few similar photos to create a GIF. Here are some of our favorites, including …

Let the game begin!

Play Ball (Again)!

Yet another Father’s Day, and another opportunity for some baseball in Baltimore. We made a weekend of it, and had a great time – capped off by an Orioles win and unexpected time with friends!

Post-swim ice cream

When the Cat is Away…

Like last year, Megan was off to a work trip over a weekend, so the boys were again left to their own devices. While leaving on her birthday for a second year in a row, there was a little celebration during the chaotic morning routine. The chaos continued with a boys weekend in Williamsport, including …

And frozen custard!

A Yummy Birthday

Having just returned from Grand Cayman the night before, everyone was pretty wiped for Brian’s birthday. But, that didn’t stop us from eating well in between lounging at home and trying to rest up for the week ahead! We hit up all the standard “B” fare…

Brian was brave and fed one

Swimming with Rays

The top destination within Grand Cayman is Stingray City. So, naturally, it was a must do on our itinerary. We didn’t time the weather right, as it was pretty cloudy, and eventually rained. But, we were the first among the tourists to be at the infamous Sandbar to meet a bunch of slimy, squishy new …