PACE Babes Turn Four

Pals since nearly birth, the PACE babes have participating in a few “couch” photos over the years to celebrate their birthday milestones. This year the not-so-little guys and gals turn four!

The Bash Brothers?

Day as a National

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a professional baseball player. I paid my dues – my brother, David, and I played in countless organized leagues, studied every stat on baseball cards and even religiously watched “The Baseball Bunch“. But it was not to be. Or so I thought… Fast …

The original Grand Ole Opry

The Sights of Nashville

Thanks to a lovely wedding invitation, we found ourselves in Nashville for the weekend. While a short sojourn, the city left its mark as a fun, laid-back destination. We can’t wait to go back some day!


Arrrgh Mateys, Take 2!

While there were countless fun memories in Myrtle Beach, including lots of pool and beach time with the family, a special activity was a pirate adventure – the second for Colin this summer. He earned his pirate hat and treasure for sure, whether battling fellow shipmates, hauling up the treasure chest or swabbing the deck!

Resulting photo!

Typical and Not So Typical MB

Myrtle Beach has a lot to offer like many beach towns – boardwalk, carnival rides, beach, pool and lots and lots of treats! Colin experienced all of this and more…including some atypical activities for a nearly 4-year old (like gambling!).

Family fun!

Pool and Beach Fun in SC

A family trip to Myrtle Beach started off with a beautiful full days, complete with beach, pool and campground visit to see more family and hang out at a very cool waterpark! Here’s how our adventures began in South Carolina… Here is a video that Google made: And here is the one I made: