Team Big Walt & Mike supporting ALS with pizza

Fiesta 5K Pizza Party

Due to the protests in Baltimore, the Packard Center for ALS Research’s Fiesta 5K was unfortunately cancelled a few days before race time. We were heartened to know we were one of the top teams contributing to the nearly $250,000 raised from the race, but disappointed to miss a special day to honor some special …

BBQ lunch for the princess

Aruban Theme Park

We spent our last day in Aruba at De Palm Island, a theme park of sorts just off the main island’s coast with a water park (the main draw), beach, snorkeling and all-you-can-drink-and-eat goodness. It was over-priced, but the smiles on C’s face made the day worthwhile!

Name that fish (I can't!)

Scuba in Aruba

Our 400th post! A rare treat, I was able to go up to 80 or so feet under water off the island of Aruba. I saw one of the few wrecks I’ve swam with, and a whole lot of fish. Highlights included a barracuda, a few lobster, a lionfish and fish of a million different …

Serenaded at dinner

Aruban Dining

Out of anywhere beach-side we’ve traveled, it seemed like Aruba really knew how to nail its dining scene. We had many, many options to dine with our toes in the sand, but sadly could not take advantage of it all. We did our best!

Rare family shot


It was a long, cold winter, but we finally got to say “ahhh” during a trip to Aruba. We spent many a day at the resort’s pools, with a little beach time to mix it up – all the while making sure there were plenty of cocktails and ice cream to celebrate a little time …

PACE families galore!

Touch a Truck!

Spring had finally sprung by mid-April, and with it came the Touch a Truck event. While it took a while for C to warm up to the trucks (things like snacking and jumping off the curb were almost a little too much fun), it was an overall hit and a ton of fun with many …

The thrill of the hunt

Easter Fun

It wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate…at least that’s what Colin thinks it’s all about (thanks, dad, cough cough). Well, her certainly got his fill of treats, whether enjoying bunny-shaped pancakes for breakfast, munching on chocolate from his Easter basket or finding little goodies during the egg hunt. But, by far, the most fun was had …

Ta da!

Eggsellent Afternoon

With Easter nearing, it was time for the annual tradition of egg dyeing. This year was twice as nice with Aidan over to join in on the fun. Not all the eggs ended up making it in the end, but it was a noble effort to finish…and a lot of fun!

Wally met us with open arms

Springtime Ball

It was everyone’s first time seeing a spring training game live, though Colin’s lack of nap made it somewhat a long afternoon. We watched the Red Sox get the best of the Phillies before a (mostly) wonderful Florida weekend wrapped up.