Tunneling alongside sharks, turtles, rays and more

Oh, Canada!

With our friendly neighbors to the north just an hour’s flight away, we headed to Toronto for a quick weekend trip – among the last with just the 3.5 of us. With one day in the city and another in Niagara Falls (more on that to come), we set out to see what we could …

Aren't we cute?!

A Perfect 10

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been just over 10 years since that fateful (and massively rainy) day in Edgartown when Megan and Brian wed. To celebrate, we got a much-needed weekend away in the country where we accomplished a whole lot of nothing. How, you ask? Colin was living it up at Nanie and …


Baby Sidekick on the Way

As most, if not all of our loyal readers and fans know, Tucker Baby #2 is on the way – due November 2nd. While exciting news on its own, we set out to have some fun and generate even more excitement around our announcement. After looking into some creative options around the internet, and tapping …

The best part - dessert!

Birthday BBQ Fun

Another year, another 40-something birthday for Brian! But, it was Colin who claimed it as the “best day ever” as he got to try fondue for the first time. Cheese, chicken, chocolate – how can you go wrong?! Not stopping there, we spent an overnight in Richmond to indulge in some BBQ as it had …

Two wild and crazy guys

Jumping All Over the Place!

May 2016 saw lots and lots of rain and cold. It wasn’t until the end of the month that spring and summer started to emerge. That meant finding lots of ways to expend energy, including a two-for-one day of fun with Aidan at the bounce house place and Josh at the trampoline park. Colin slept …

Our dinner dates

A Night Out on the Town

After a highly successful Fiesta 5K to benefit ALS research, we got to spend a fabulous afternoon and evening in Baltimore! While highly centered around good food in the Inner Harbor and Little Italy, we had the bonus of great family and friends to share it with!

Team Big Walt & Mike!

Running…er, I mean, walking for a good cause!

After the disappointment of having last year’s Fiesta 5k cancelled, Team Big Walt and Mike came back to Baltimore ready to make an impact. Finishing in the top 10 for team fundraising, we did just that for ALS research! And, with all our team members crossing in finish line in about an hour or less, …