Back in Ocean City!

It had been a while due to various other adventures and the pandemic, but three-fourths of the family made it back to Ocean City for all the fun of the beach, boardwalk and bayside activities. There were so many treats and activities, and being steps from the boardwalk, we did it all!

Anniversary Adventures

We were several years into marriage when we started this blog, but we’ve celebrated a few anniversaries with posts – including our fifth and our tenth. For our 15th, we had to celebrate with the kids in tow, but we made the most of it with a night out in DC followed by a weekend…

Virtual School is Out!

After a full year of virtual school, Colin made it to the other side! He had amazing academic progress, and was resilient and adaptable to thrive socially, too. We are grateful for the support and guidance of Mr. H, the friends who made shed school possible and the promise of a more normal return to…

Out and About Birthday

This year’s birthday was thankfully not under a strict quarantine, so the Tucker family was out and about a bit – enjoying some brunch and dinner outdoors in between an action-packed little league game (in sweltering 90+-degree heat).

Ice Cream Central

With a family of ice cream fanatics, we couldn’t leave Lancaster County without a trip to the Turkey Hill Experience, where we created our own ice cream flavors, packaging and commercials – and then got to taste them in the Taste Lab. It was a sweet wrap up to our weekend! P.S. – This was…

Steamy Train Ride

For another adventure specific to Lancaster County, we hit up the Strasburg Railroad for a round trip ticket to and from Paradise, PA. It was unseasonably cold, and wet, but that didn’t damper the fun!

A Simple Life with the Amish

During a very cold, rainy Memorial Day weekend, we ventured north for a visit with the Amish in Lancaster County, PA. We learned a lot during our short visit, and even saw some Amish families out and about!

A Happy Tuesday

It’s tough to make a birthday fun when it falls in the middle of the week! But, taking the day off and having treats along the way can help. Here’s a recap of Brian’s special day.

A Bit of Baseball

It was more than a year and a half since we’d visited Nationals Park, and even longer since seeing a live game. And despite being the hottest day of the year thus far, we were excited to get back out at the park and enjoy some socially distanced baseball. The Nats narrowly eeked out a…