On the Field Again

For the second time, we got up close and personal with the field at Nationals Park, as the Nats took on the Padres in an extra-inning winner. O was a more active participant this year, and while it was a long day, it was a good time by all!

Whirlwind Easter 2019

After an amazing week in Jamaica, and a three-hour delay on the return trip home, we were pretty exhausted come Easter. But that didn’t stop us from some basket hunting, yummy brunching and quality time with family!

Holiday Photos with the Pros

We had a great time in Jamaica, and one of the best parts is all the great memories. Thanks to some professional photographers – who were seemingly everywhere – we caught some extra special moments with a pro touch. Here are a few…

We’re On a Boat and a Hike!

While we enjoyed some resort living in Jamaica, a big highlight was a catamaran cruise outside the hotel with a hike up Dunn’s River Falls. Had we known the 45-minute hike up involved rushing water, slippery rocks and cool temps, we might not have taken Owen, but he ended up being a huge fan! He…

Jamaica by the Sea

We had a great trip to Jamaica, and living it up by the beach was no exception. Whether above water or below, here are some highlights of our time with salt, sand and sea air.

Resort Living in Jamaica

It took six years, but we made it back to Jamaica, this time with Owen, too. We hit up the Eastern side of the island, exploring a bit more of the beautiful country. And while we did venture out of the hotel for a little bit, the boys were all about resort living – taking…

Hamming it up on Stage

Colin’s first school play – the Three Piggy Opera – was a 25-minute spectacle full of laughs, cries (from the laughing) and 21 Kindergarteners singing and dancing their hearts out. Colin represented the role of Piggy #1 with true commitment. A star is born…

Eggs on Eggs on Eggs

For the fifth year in a row, the Kohrs and Tuckers assembled for some egg dyeing chaos. Luckily, it was a nice day so they could burn a little energy outside beforehand, but it was still quite the crazy adventure nonetheless!

Some Sweet, Even Elite, Basketball

Thanks to our favorite host team – the Hoyas – we got access to purchase NCAA East Regional finals tickets at Capital One Arena. While we had no direct ties to the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight contenders (Duke, Michigan State, LSU and Virginia Tech), it was still an amazing, high-energy experience – with some…