Labor Day in P-A

We hopped in the car this Labor Day Weekend and headed west to Nemacolin, a resort in the Allegheny Mountains. We were spoiled with cool pools, all the mini golf we could handle, milk and cookies every night, good food and lots of activities. We spent our first full day pretty scheduled out with fun…

Running the Bases

Not sure why it took so long, but the boys finally ran the bases at Nationals Park! Fresh off a walk-off win from 5 runs down going into the 9th inning on a hot day, everyone was pumped for more baseball action – and that meant running in the steps of baseball greatness!

BTS Together for the Last Time

Back at Glebe again for the last time together as we have 1st and 5th graders! With summer seeming to start and end in a flash, the boys were excited to reunite with friends and tell tales of summer camp, travel and other adventures and begin another year of learning and fun!

Sweden for the Day

While we had plenty to do in Denmark, it was fun to tick another country off the list and head to Sweden for the day – specifically Malmo. We enjoyed art and history at Malmo Castle, walked the downtown and ate well before heading back for what some considered the highlight of the trip –…

Kobenhavn Danmark

Copenhagen was a fun change of pace from Billund and all the Lego – though there were plenty of Lego stores to be found. We got exposed to a bit more culture and history, though one of the oldest amusement parks in the world kept it light and fun, too! Our home base at City…

Lego House!

While Legoland was amazing, Lego House in Billund is something special. There are hours of interactive exhibits that show how fun the colorful bricks can be, and then there is a floor of history and exhibits showing why Lego is famous worldwide.

Legoland Away from Home

We loved our time at Legoland Florida, but being at the home of Lego, this trip hit a little bit different! We spent time hitting all the favorite rides multiple times, stocking up on treats and getting in our steps! Of course, we had to stop by the Lego store on the way out!

Home of Lego

Our big summer adventure was to Denmark, where the first stop was Billund, home to the most famous brick in the world – Lego! We stayed at the Castle Hotel and made the most of our stay with several days of Lego-filled adventures at Legoland and Lego House!

Another Sleep Away Camp

Colin was gone for quite some time this summer at sleep away camp, but this time it was with friends at their home near Philly for some intense basketball fun (and more)! He got life with a brother and a few sisters, a sweet set up at a Phillies game, plus plenty of fun at…