A Winederful Day

We sought long and hard for some holiday-themed, pandemic-friendly activities and Winter Winederland at Bluemont Vineyards did not disappoint! The sun, views, fresh air and copious amounts of cheese and wine – the day had it all!

Merry Christmas!

What a year it has been, but we have a card of all of us smiling to show we can do hard things! Merry Christmas – here’s to a better year in 2021!

A Masked Santa This Year

The pandemic couldn’t stop a visit with the Pentagon City Santa – our ninth year running! We picked an off time and had the place to ourselves for a quick in and out. While Colin walked through his and Owen’s lists, Owen wanted nothing to do with any of it. But, we made it through…

Holiday Decorating 2020

Despite some early starts around town, we waited until after Thanksgiving to bring some Christmas spirit to our house. We focused on getting tree, as even with a prepaid reservation, we heard things were getting scarce around town. Only two broken (and repaired) ornaments later, the tree was up!

Family Pandemic Photos

The family holiday photo shoot must go on, and so it did! We had less than 20 minutes before the skies opened up. But thankfully we were highly efficient in our photo taking – even a slightly disgruntled little O.

A Christmas “Hayride”

We love hayrides in fall – even the adapted one this year. But little did we realize, we’d appreciate a holiday one as well! Whether Santa-hat-clad skeletons and pumpkins, a witch spitting snow or an enthusiastic alien waving hello, it all seemed normal for this crazy year!

Our First Friendsgiving

Once again, our strategy early on to double the bubble has proven one of the best moves we’ve made during the pandemic. While we still play it safe and hang out outside, the weather truly cooperated for a great Friendsgiving gathering. We cooked a bit more for this day than Thanksgiving itself, and our efforts…

An Intimate Thanksgiving

It was just the four of us this Thanksgiving, to keep everyone safe and healthy (and last Thanksgiving, too, but we were busy visiting Santa!). The lazy day was a nice change of pace from the hustle of cooking in years past. But, we missed seeing everyone in person greatly. There’s hope for next year!

Lights, Camera, Walk!

We got into the holiday spirit pretty early this year with a pre-Thanksgiving holiday lights walk at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. It was our first trip, and being early on in the season, pretty sparsely attended and thus, a fun time! A scavenger hunt was a bonus, and we emerged victorious in the end.