Earning Our Weight in Candy

We were very lucky to head back to Disney for another Halloween party evening. This year, we were a bit more candy-focused and managed to trick or treat our way into at least 10 pounds of sugary goodness. The rides and treats were fun, too, and we even caught up with Mickey in his costume!

The Most Magical of Kingdoms

Our second day at Disney was full of fun at the Magic Kingdom. We met more characters, went on a ton of rides and even snuck in a nap (or a trip to the pool) midday. It was our second park day in a row, so we were definitely ready for bed that night!

Back to Disney!

We apparently didn’t learn our lesson of how tiring Disney could be, and headed back to visit Mr. Mickey Mouse and friends for a long weekend. Owen’s obsessed with Mickey and friends, so it was a perfect time to let him meet his idols in person. He did so on day one with a trip…

Double Party Day!

October is a special month for many reasons, especially with O and C’s birthdays on the calendar. We celebrated with both friends and family to mark the special days! Colin’s Ninja Warrior friend party was a huge hit, while we were spoiled following by having family come to the house to honor both boys.

Action-Packed Weekend

Some weekends are more packed than others. With fall in full swing, we were ambitious one weekend to fit in a local fair, a campfire about “bats and blood suckers” and Disney on Ice. Here are the highlights!

Celebrating VA Once Again

After a successful trip last year, we tried for a repeat trip to the State Fair of Virginia. We lucked out with great weather once again for a food-and-fun-fest with our fellow VA residents.

Hooray for Six!

C’s very first friends have been getting together at least once a year since they were born, celebrating being brought into the world. As they all finally headed to elementary school this fall, the once-babies were totally big kids, full of energy and fun. Here’s to another great year!

Yay for Fall Fun!

We love our fall festivals, and probably none more so than Cox Farms. Since we know how popular this place can be, we enjoyed a fairly manageable crowd during its opening weekend. With cousins in tow, the boys managed to hit every attraction – some multiple times – to make for a fast-paced almost-fall day!

Out of this World Morning

On a fateful rainy day, the Pohorylo cousins set out to explore the Udavar-Hazy center to take in all the planes and space vehicles they could handle. It was a big museum, but we managed to hit every corner, including the obligatory gift shop stop on the way out!