Holiday Decorating 2020

Despite some early starts around town, we waited until after Thanksgiving to bring some Christmas spirit to our house. We focused on getting tree, as even with a prepaid reservation, we heard things were getting scarce around town. Only two broken (and repaired) ornaments later, the tree was up!

Family Pandemic Photos

The family holiday photo shoot must go on, and so it did! We had less than 20 minutes before the skies opened up. But thankfully we were highly efficient in our photo taking – even a slightly disgruntled little O.

A Christmas “Hayride”

We love hayrides in fall – even the adapted one this year. But little did we realize, we’d appreciate a holiday one as well! Whether Santa-hat-clad skeletons and pumpkins, a witch spitting snow or an enthusiastic alien waving hello, it all seemed normal for this crazy year!

Our First Friendsgiving

Once again, our strategy early on to double the bubble has proven one of the best moves we’ve made during the pandemic. While we still play it safe and hang out outside, the weather truly cooperated for a great Friendsgiving gathering. We cooked a bit more for this day than Thanksgiving itself, and our efforts…

An Intimate Thanksgiving

It was just the four of us this Thanksgiving, to keep everyone safe and healthy (and last Thanksgiving, too, but we were busy visiting Santa!). The lazy day was a nice change of pace from the hustle of cooking in years past. But, we missed seeing everyone in person greatly. There’s hope for next year!

Lights, Camera, Walk!

We got into the holiday spirit pretty early this year with a pre-Thanksgiving holiday lights walk at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. It was our first trip, and being early on in the season, pretty sparsely attended and thus, a fun time! A scavenger hunt was a bonus, and we emerged victorious in the end.

New Phones and an Evening “Out”

With new, improved phones, combined with the end of daylight savings, we used a recent evening with our bubble family to test out some evening ad night shots. We still have to learn better technique, but right off the bat, you can see the difference.

A COVID Halloween

The pandemic didn’t stop a great Halloween, filled with a little school fun and tons of candy! We planned one stop at the local high school for a socially distanced treat bag grab, and ended up with a few more stops home as people put out candy really early! The main event was a trick-or-treat…

Birthday Among the Animals

While Owen had a nice, present-filled day on his birthday, we decided to venture out for his birthday “party”. He had a lot of furry attendees at Breezy Hill Farm, an alpaca farm between D.C. and Baltimore. We had a nearly private tour with cousins and made a ton of new friends!