Monster Jam!

Always up for a new adventure, the family headed to Monster Jam to watch some trucks do loud and amazing tricks. There were tricks, crashes, wipe outs and even a fire to entertain for an afternoon!


While this winter has been pretty tough with school delays and closures, some moments of fun on a snow day can negate some of that inconvenience! Here were some highlights from our snow day in January, when we took full advantage of our driveway as a sledding hill.

FL Fun – Part 2

We had an action-packed weekend with grandparents during a quick, chilly trip to central Florida. But on our last day, we ventured out on our own to visit new fishy and furry friends at the marine aquarium before heading back home – to single-digit temperatures!

FL Fun – Part 1

In an attempt to briefly escape the cold, we ventured south to Florida for the weekend. And while it wasn’t exactly warm the whole time, it was a solid 30 degrees warmer than home, so much appreciated, if even for a few days. Our first two days were filled with grandparents, pirates and playgrounds, and…

A Euro Photo Shoot

Thanks to AirBnB Experiences, half of the family got to experience a photo shoot across the pond while in London for a week. Our photographer Luis traveled from Mexico to settle in Europe for a while to photograph tourists and fashionistas alike, before eventually settling in California one day. We enjoyed his company and checking…

Parisian Diversion

M and C took advantage of being in close proximity, and had a quick overnight in Paris. It was C’s first visit to the city and country, and M’s in more than two decades. We took in the major sites of the city during our stay, and enjoyed some of the best treats on offer….

Ending 2018 in the UK

A quick three years went by, but M and C made it back to London! Unfortunately the whole family couldn’t come, but we brought back plenty of Thornton’s and Cadbury chocolate to make up for it. We had a quiet New Years Eve, and tried to soak up as much holiday-themed fun and treats as…

Christmas Fun 2018

It was another wonderful, chaotic Christmas filled with a lot of highs and perhaps a few tantrums. There were Lego kits, Matchbox cars, tons of Mickey and lots of surprises from Santa and throughout the day! It went by in a flash!

Christmas Eve 2018!

Another year older and another Christmas Eve in CT! The cousins were full of energy, as were the adults during the gag gifts, so the night flew by!