Arrrgh Mateys!

Our last activity in the Toronto area was a trip with Pirates Life to experience some adventure on the water. It was Colin’s first trip on a pirate ship, and not one he will soon forget. Although mom and dad were a little under the weather, Colin’s joy out-shined the day!

Taking in the Mighty Falls

Within a short stay in Toronto, we maximized our time up north with a stop at Niagara Falls. While Colin found the boat trip slightly traumatic, it was overall a beautiful day among sun and mist from the mighty falls!

Oh, Canada!

With our friendly neighbors to the north just an hour’s flight away, we headed to Toronto for a quick weekend trip – among the last with just the 3.5 of us. With one day in the city and another in Niagara Falls (more on that to come), we set out to see what we could…