A Chill Christmas

For the first time since mid-November, we found ourselves with no travel or entertaining so enjoyed a pretty relaxing Christmas! We got dressed to have a lunch out but otherwise snuggled into the couch and enjoyed the comforts of home.

Movie Night!

It took just under 11 months, but we hit a momentous milestone during the pandemic – watching 100 original movies during our new-to-the-pandemic movie night tradition. From Onward in mid-March 2020 to Ice Age 2 as movie #100, we’ve seen pretty much everything Disney has to offer ever and then some from other sources. We…

First Snow of the Season

We enjoyed the first snow of the season as January came to a close – luckily having stocked up on some solid winter gear for our Finland trip 14 months prior, which kept us comfy cozy. After sledding as much as we could, we enjoyed some hot chocolate by the fire. Snow day, done right.

New Skills

We’re trudging along during the summer of COVID, but that doesn’t mean we’re giving up on summer fun. We’ve become painters, bike riders, hopscotch players and more!

What’s Cookin’?!

With all summer plans cancelled, we took to the iPads for summer camp. The one camp C absolutely wanted was a cooking class. His first two classes (where he gravitated toward the same shirt!) surely didn’t disappoint with pizza and cinnamon rolls from scratch on the menu! Yum.


While this winter has been pretty tough with school delays and closures, some moments of fun on a snow day can negate some of that inconvenience! Here were some highlights from our snow day in January, when we took full advantage of our driveway as a sledding hill.

Near-Springtime Snow

It took nearly all winter, but we finally got a little snow accumulation. We were spoiled with unseasonably warm temperatures for much of the season, so it was a big adjustment. Luckily we could stay toasty and warm indoors!

Our 4th Hits Four (Months)

Owen continues to rack up the months (and pounds) as he hits 4 months. Goodbye “fourth trimester” and hello big baby boy!

One, Two, Three!

While a few weeks into his fourth month already, here’s a photographic overview for Owen’s first “quarter”.