While this winter has been pretty tough with school delays and closures, some moments of fun on a snow day can negate some of that inconvenience! Here were some highlights from our snow day in January, when we took full advantage of our driveway as a sledding hill.

Near-Springtime Snow

It took nearly all winter, but we finally got a little snow accumulation. We were spoiled with unseasonably warm temperatures for much of the season, so it was a big adjustment. Luckily we could stay toasty and warm indoors!

Our 4th Hits Four (Months)

Owen continues to rack up the months (and pounds) as he hits 4 months. Goodbye “fourth trimester” and hello big baby boy!

One, Two, Three!

While a few weeks into his fourth month already, here’s a photographic overview for Owen’s first “quarter”.

Trimming Our Family Tree

After picking out our tree, Colin was super excited to put it up and decorate to ring in the holiday season! The highlight was sharing with Owen this year, who got his own stocking and hand print on the tree skirt!

A Few Firsts for O

There have been a few firsts for baby Owen in November, mainly meeting new family and friends. Plus, Colin introduced him to the joy of bath time!

Party of Four

It’s been nearly a month since Owen entered the world kicking and screaming, and it’s been quite the ride! Here are a few of our first moments together at home as the Tuckers, party of four.

Day to Day Fun

While we’re known to have tons of adventure near and far, it’s nice to appreciate the day to day as well. Here are moments big and small of recent weeks… (Don’t worry – he was fine and back to climbing minutes later!)

Oh What a Snow!

The hype turned into reality with Snowzilla 2016. 30 inches over 30 hours was quite the showing for our area, which pretty much shut down for the weekend. While we got a little stir crazy at times, it was quite the adventure to remember!