End of Daycare

What began in early 2013 has now come to an end – daycare for the Tucker family. From his first days with big bro at Bright Horizons, to Ballston Children’s Center and then Vinci at the start of the pandemic, Owen has experienced a lot prior to elementary school. He’s excited to join his brother,…

A New School as An Era Ends

The Bright Horizons at VA Hospital Center has been a home away from home for both boys since June 2013. With its closing in a few months, it was time for not only Colin, but for Owen to move on as well. Here’s to a great community and new friends to come!

First Day of Kindergarten!

The time had come! After more than 5 years at his beloved daycare/preschool, Mr. C moved on up to Kindergarten. After he handled the morning photo shoot like a trooper, it was off to the gym before joining Ms. Gutowski’s class for the 2018-2019 school year. Go get ’em, C!

The Graduate

It’s so hard to believe, but Colin’s time at daycare is soon coming to an end. What began in Infant Class 2 will end in K-Prep with Ms. Jen, Mr. Rafi and Ms. Leandra in August. But before summer camp began in full swing, we celebrated graduation season with a night honoring the soon-to-be-Kindergartners.

Halloween in the ‘hood

We spent our first Halloween in Cherrydale, and it didn’t disappoint! We kicked off celebrations at school, with a Halloween parade, and ended back at home for a pizza-filled block party. The great, spooky decorations at home were the icing on the cake!

O Moves on Up

It came quicker than we may have thought, but Owen transitioned from the infant to the toddler room at school on his first birthday. He joined the same room Colin did four years prior, and so far is enjoying the new adventure!

Out for a Stroll

A few months into Owen’s school adventures, we finally received our first “What in the World” newsletter. WITW’s are are daily (in theory) recaps of what happened in class. This WITW featured Owen and his friends going for a walk outside. Owen definitely seemed to enjoy himself! From the WITW: Today our friends went on…

Another One Enters the Ring

As Colin is an old pro at his school, he helped welcome Owen as he started daycare this month! It’s great to know his big brother is just around the corner if needed, but Owen seems to be holding his own!

School Days

During the week, Colin spends his time with all his friends and teachers at school. What might they be up to, you ask? Here’s a typical week…