Halloween 2016

Halloween was a lot crazier than last year, with the arrival of Owen just a few days before and a very motivated pair of four-year-olds to wrangle during a sprint for candy on Halloween night. We wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Fourth Time’s a Charm

It took a few years, but – man – Colin has embraced Halloween in all its glory! While a little of a slow start at the school Halloween parade, the boy let loose for trick or treating with buddy Aidan. It was 1.5 hours of running up and down hills and stairs until his Darth…

A Hershey Halloween

Since one chocolate factory wasn’t enough for C, we hit two in two weeks with a trip to Hershey Park in the Dark. There were rides, trick or treating and even a zoo, making this chocolate-themed experience hard to beat!

Hitting His Halloween Stride

Even more so than last year, Colin got into the Halloween spirit. The evening started with a Halloween parade at school, and ended with trick-or-treating with his best bud. Although he could only eat one thing from his haul (goldfish), the journey to candy was truly the adventure.

Halloween Out and About

Colin got more out of Halloween than last year, namely being awake for more than an hour or two in a row! Brian took full advantage, spending the prior weekend turning his parents’ garage into an animated haunted house. And, the family set out on Halloween day to spend a frightful night in the country…

A Week’s Worth of Halloween

Halloween with kids is quite the ordeal. There are neighborhood parties, trick-or-treating at work, costumes at school and then – of course – trick-or-treating on Halloween. Colin did it all and then some. He got more mileage out of his $12 costume than we could have ever imagined! Here’s how Halloween rolled out BEFORE the…

Getting into the Spirit!

It’s no secret, Brian’s favorite holiday is Halloween. Naturally, he was extremely excited to take Colin on his first trip to Spirit Halloween store. Aside from what we call “the rat incident”, Colin was completely unphased by the experience, in a good way. So, there’s hope for him yet! Happy Halloween to one and all!

Happy Halloween!

Being Brian’s favorite holiday, we had to celebrate Halloween – especially since the UAE doesn’t really acknowledge the day. Colin turned an ominous 13 days old on the 31st – very fitting. While he was too young to enjoy trick or treating and candy, he still had fun dressing up. Check out some highlights of…

Wanna’ see something really scary?

One of the things I miss most about home is Halloween. Going on haunted forest walks, building an elaborate haunted house with my dad and drinking some punkin ale. Ok that last one isn’t necessarily Halloween, but you get the point. Those who know me, know just how much I love this awesome holiday. So…