Scooby Dooby Doo Halloween!

We’ve flipped the script from last year, and went with crime-fighting good guys for our family costume for Halloween. Three-fourths of us stayed true to the costume for trick or treating, while Colin joined a bunch of friends as avocados who took the neighborhood by storm. It was a mad candy rush, as always!

Halloween as Bad Guys (Again)

Halloween brings out the dark side of the family at times, and like in years past, we went for a bad guy theme. We did Marvel proud and gave it our all as Dr. Doom, Scarlet Witch, Venom and Thanos. There was a little rain but that didn’t dampen spirits in the grand quest for…

Boo at the Zoo

We did something new this year – Boo at the Zoo in the heart of DC! While a fan of their Zoo Lights holiday evenings, we opted for a sugar-focused night with 30 trick-or-treat stations. After we were done, we had enough candy to pass out on Halloween!

Two Trick or Treats

The boys enjoyed back-to-back trick-or-treating with a Trunk n Treat put on by the county and then some nearby neighborhood fun on the big day – Halloween! The boys were committed to their Mario Kart theme and managed to score more candy than they could possibly eat in a year!

A COVID Halloween

The pandemic didn’t stop a great Halloween, filled with a little school fun and tons of candy! We planned one stop at the local high school for a socially distanced treat bag grab, and ended up with a few more stops home as people put out candy really early! The main event was a trick-or-treat…

A Hot Halloween

Everyone’s favorite day – Halloween – was a warm surprise this year, with temperatures spiking to 78 degrees before a big storm hit and cooled everything off. To make sure and get maximum candy before the threat of wind, rain and tornados, the boys teamed up with their buddies Aidan and Gavin to scour the…

A Sweet Day

After a four-year hiatus, we returned to the land of chocolate – Hershey – for some sweets, rides and other treats. After a nearly 12- hour day, complete with a surprise bonus of family joining in the afternoon, it was a great, albeit exhausting, time.

Go Go, Halloween!

While we all had a great time last year, O was an even more willing participant in the fun of Halloween. With two school parades (one of which went better than the other), a block party and 90 minutes of trick-or-sprinting, it was quite a day!

Earning Our Weight in Candy

We were very lucky to head back to Disney for another Halloween party evening. This year, we were a bit more candy-focused and managed to trick or treat our way into at least 10 pounds of sugary goodness. The rides and treats were fun, too, and we even caught up with Mickey in his costume!