The Yummiest Place on Earth

Our special trip out of London was to Cadbury World in Bournville. This magical area had a smell of chocolate in the air, had the largest Cadbury shop in the world and had a few rides and attractions all under one roof to spend the day. We came home exhausted but sweeter!

Adventures Along the Thames

Brian had joined the London party, so that meant a few more hot spots – many along the Thames River. We even went on a cruise and took in the sites from the water (with more playground time, of course).

Olympic Aspirations

Colin got Olympic fever in London, that is in toy store playing and playground adventuring. On the most epic day of the trip, we visited two playgrounds and two toy stores. With no rest for the weary, we set out the next day for a visit in Olympic Park. For some reason, the Brits love…

Mother-Son Bonding Abroad

Nothing like a little international travel to test the family bond. But, luckily, the bond is as strong as ever as Megan and Colin headed to London a few days before Brian’s arrival. Our first 24 hours was quite an adventure at the Transport Museum and some high tea with tons of sweets. Colin was…