Cherry Blossoms at Spring

While we didn’t all venture out to the Mall for the cherry blossoms, there was no shortage of trees to take in and enjoy spring. So many people travel to see them, why not savor them close to home?!

More Winter Staycation Fun

We stayed close to home President’s Day Weekend, hopeful that next year we’ll return to Great Wolf Lodge again!

Family Fun Weekend

We broke up the typical weekend with extended family fun – and got to experience some activities we haven’t done in forever, including Disney on Ice and bowling!

Playing in the Park

We’ve had LOTS of quality time just the four of us, and a LOT of time around the house and neighborhood. Thankfully, we have a great neighborhood park to help keep us sane when the cabin fever becomes too much!

Labor Day Not That Far Away

Though we had just been away at the beach, we figured one last hurrah before school started would be a nice time for just the four of us. We enjoyed being residents of DC for the long weekend, and planned our days around neighborhood walks and food!

A Disney Fix

While it wasn’t exactly Disney World, we gave Owen a little Disney fix leading up to his birthday by visiting Disney on Ice. He was thrilled to see Mickey and Moana, and devastated when the show was over. So we gladly helped him drown his sorrows with some delicious Italian food and gelato in nearby…

On the High Seas

While we’ve covered our pirate themed adventures before, we have yet to capture time as pirates closer to home. It was our second trip on the Potomac, and even better as O was able to experience all the fun. Here are some of the highlights!

All Star Day

With the MLB All Star Game in town, we had to soak up some of the action. Since many of the free activities were outside in 90+-degree heat, we sucked it up and bought tickets to FanFest for some air-conditioned fun. And, it did not disappoint! There were balloon animals, face painting, skills practices and…