Math Dice

Who knew a little-known game like Math Dice would earn C and his classmates glory in a county-wide competition?! Following individual competitions, a team challenge and a team chant, the Glebetrotters emerged as the tournament runners up. It was the first time the school placed in the tournament’s 17-year history!

BTS Together for the Last Time

Back at Glebe again for the last time together as we have 1st and 5th graders! With summer seeming to start and end in a flash, the boys were excited to reunite with friends and tell tales of summer camp, travel and other adventures and begin another year of learning and fun!

End of School

And just like that, the 2022-2023 came to an end! The boys had a great year together at Glebe, and were very excited to become rising 1st and 5th graders.

Multicultural Night

Multicultural night at Glebe may have only been cancelled in 2021, but the whole community came out as if it’s been years since we celebrated cultures from around the world! As part of the celebrations, the 4th grade crew performed a song from Ghana and a dance from Israel. It was crazy, but fun to…

Back to (The Same) School

It’s back-to-school time, and for the first time since summer 2018, the boys are in the same place! O started with a brand new teacher to Glebe and new friends-to-be, while Colin is an old pro. Here’s to a good school year!

On to Kindergarten!

The time had come to graduate from Senior Casa at Vinci as O prepares for kindergarten in the fall. O and his classmates put on quite a show, with a graduation march, reenactment of the Hungry Caterpillar, a short dance number and then graduation awards. For the effort, O and his friends were rewarded with…

Last Day of 3rd Grade!

In the first fully in-person school year since Kindergarten (2018-2019), C thrived with all his friends and teachers. From all sorts of sports during recess, humming along in math and reading and pushing himself in the hardest spelling group for the grade, he made the most of his time in third grade!

Back to School Week!

In just a matter of days, both boys headed to new classrooms for the school year. Colin was back in his school building since March of 2020, and Owen moved on up to the big kids classroom in his school. We hope the excitement continues well into the school year!

Virtual School is Out!

After a full year of virtual school, Colin made it to the other side! He had amazing academic progress, and was resilient and adaptable to thrive socially, too. We are grateful for the support and guidance of Mr. H, the friends who made shed school possible and the promise of a more normal return to…