Meeting a Sports Star

Winter heated up with an exciting visit to watch the Washington Capitals practice, featuring Ovechkin who recently surpassed the 800 goals mark. Glebe and four other area schools filled the rink with 4th and 5th graders. With some goodies like shirts, photos and lunch, it was a memorable school day for sure!

Basketball Season!

Another basketball season is in the books! With a couple wins and a near-victory in the playoff semifinals, it was a great showing by the Glebe Ballers! Now onto summer ball…

Super Bowl Sunday in November

Colin’s foray into flag football yielded an exciting season, capped with a Super Bowl win. Check out the highlights from the playoffs!

Fall Sports!

Back to school and back to weekends and weeknights of sports! Colin is keeping busy with baseball and flag football, while Owen is running around the soccer field with his classmates. Here are some early adventures this season…

Spring Sports

Both boys have taken to the field this spring, but in different sports. Here’s to some fun adventures in baseball and soccer!

Fall Ball!

In a season first, both boys hit the diamond to play some fall ball. The Orioles and the Cards battled it out for little league glory, with the boys playing many roles on the field.

A Bit of Baseball

It was more than a year and a half since we’d visited Nationals Park, and even longer since seeing a live game. And despite being the hottest day of the year thus far, we were excited to get back out at the park and enjoy some socially distanced baseball. The Nats narrowly eeked out a…

Sunny Spring Baseball

For the second year in a row, we were lucky to catch some spring training baseball in warm, sunny Florida. The Red Sox, once again, fell to their opponent, but the many treats and 70-degree weather made up for it!

Play (Basket)ball!

The anticipation had been building, and the day had arrived – Colin’s first basketball game! He had been wanting to get on the court for a while, but there aren’t any programs until 1st grade. He faced his best friend’s school and gave it his all as part of the Glebe Niners!