It’s Turkey Day!

It was our second time hosting Thanksgiving, and we seem to be hitting our stride. We were so prepared that our kitchen sink decided to clog Wednesday night just to keep things interesting (it was fixed Friday). Nevertheless, everyone enjoyed some quality time and good food around the table. Until next year! And to kick-off…

Turkey Day 2017

Turkey day was very close to home this year – in fact, it was in our home for the first time! It was a great day filled with good food, family and fun. We even kicked off the holiday weekend with a rare kid-free night out before the big day! Colin starts off Thanksgiving dinner…

Thanksgiving with One More

Another family member joined the group for this year’s Thanksgiving! While Owen didn’t partake in the amazing spread of food, he was part of a fun day relaxing with family!

Thanksgiving 2015

Nothing like the addition of even more fried food to the menu (in this case, the dessert course) to make an already great holiday even better. With warmer weather, great company and a whole second turkey to enjoy the next day, it was a great time all around!

Turkey Day 2014

Thanksgiving was bound to be an improvement over the same time last year, when C had the stomach flu leading up to the holiday (and then passed it along to everyone else the days after Thanksgiving). And, it was, with everyone in good health. But, one thing remained constant – C’s picky palate going for…

Gobble, Gobble!

Thanksgiving is way more fun when you can eat everything being served. Given Colin was just over a month old during last year’s celebrations, he realized this for the first time. (Well, sort of, as he didn’t really eat much of anything…but, he could have.) After recovering from the stomach flu the weekend prior, C…

Thanksgiving Fun!

Thanksgiving was a welcome holiday – our first in the US in three years! It was obviously special being Colin’s first and celebrating amongst family in MD. Colin was very disciplined and didn’t load up on turkey, trimmings and wine like his parents. Maybe next year… Regardless, we had much to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

To all of our family and friends back home, and to all of our friends in the U.A.E., Happy Thanksgiving! Once again, the American Edel-community in the U.A.E. represented with a fabulous meal amongst friends. A little piece of home in the desert for sure!

Turkey Day – Middle East Style!

Thanksgiving – what a great American holiday! A day dedicated to mountains of delicious, home-cooked food, football games and most importantly, family and friends. A day of thanks. This year, Megan and I found ourselves over 7,000 miles away from family, the NFL and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. However, this didn’t stop us from…