Father’s Day in Quarantine

It was another day of celebration during the COVID-19 pandemic, which meant lots of treats at home. One child was more participatory in the fun than the other, but both showed their love for dad throughout the day!

Tiny Bit of Normal

When you have friends as equally dedicated to self-quarantine efforts, you make a calculated risk to get together – knowing neither party has been in contact with other humans for months. It was a wonderful slice of normalcy that made for an amazing day!

Virtual End to Virtual School

In what turned out to be a very unexpected end of the school year, Colin completed the first grade while distance “learning”. He enjoyed the weekly 1/2 hour session with his teacher and a couple classmates, but overall it was not an ideal way to be a first grader. We’re hoping for a more normal…

Another Quarantined Birthday in the Books

In a matter of two weeks, the Tucker household celebrated two birthdays still in quarantine due to coronavirus. The second one had a similar outcome – good food and sweets galore! All in all, the kids made out like bandits with all the treats in the house, making one wonder whose birthday it exactly was.

Birthday Weekend Treats

When you’re still stuck at home with a stay at home order, but there’s a birthday to celebrate, what do you do?! Go all in on treats, of course. Here’s some highlights from Brian’s birthday weekend…which happened to be Memorial Day weekend so three days of fun.

A Very Covid Mother’s Day

We hit another holiday during the era of social distancing – Mother’s Day! It was as perfect as could be with plenty of alone time, well-behaved children, good food, mom FaceTime and a little chilling on the couch as a family to end the evening.

Another Remote Fiesta 5K

In the seven years we’ve been able to make it, 2020 marked the second year the Fiesta 5K race, benefitting the JHU Robert Packard Center for ALS Research, was held virtually. That didn’t stop part of the team getting together, as well as enjoying the beautiful day outside! We had our best finish, too, in…

The Power of Puddles

Being stuck at home can make you appreciate the little things…like puddles. What began as a tentative toe dip, emerged into an all-out splash fest over days. Warm showers were needed once we got home, but it was all worth it!

Barbershop Time!

While not an aspiration, the Tucker house turned into a barbershop one weekend not long ago given the closure of non-essential businesses. Here are the befores, afters and in betweens! All in all, everyone survived without injury and the end results aren’t half bad!