Beautiful Baseball Day

We took a break as little league spectators and leveled up to the MLB with a beautiful day at Nats Park. The Nationals emerged victorious with a win over the Tigers, and we managed to stay through the entire game as both boys were very into it. Hopefully we can catch another game again soon!

On the Run Again

After barely surviving our first Glebe 5K, we came back for more! Everyone beat their times from last year and had an easier time walking the next day – so victories all around!

Leaps of Faith

While we loved spending time in our resort, the best parts of a country tend to be outside resort walls. We weren’t wrong with a fun trip to Rick’s Cafe, known for its sunset views, tropical beverages and cliff jumping. We went during the day before the crowds descended and had one of the best…

Sesame Pals

It may be the last year one of us gets excited about it, but Owen was sure thrilled to spend time with Sesame Street pals during our Negril vacation. We caught nearly every show, and the big parade, plus our own character photo shoot!

Jamaican Escape

After four years (including a pandemic), the Tuckers set out for a return to Jamaica. This time we hit up Negril, and the third of three Beaches Resorts in the Caribbean. When recalling the top memories after the trip, they revolved around all you can eat and drink, though we know the pool and beach…

Easter with Family

Fresh off a busy first half of the day, the Tuckers headed north for some more Easter fun! There was baseball, egg hunting, soccer, running around and treats galore!

Easter Day On the Hunt

Unlike last year, we were home for Easter and made a day of it! By midday, the boys had done two egg hunts, searched for Easter baskets and had a meal out. And we were just getting started!

Going on an Egg Hunt

The Tucker boys were up for a redo of last year’s chilly Easter egg hunt at Leesburg Animal Park. It was slightly warmer, thanks to the sun, and just as successful in terms of egg haul.

Cherry Blossoms at Spring

While we didn’t all venture out to the Mall for the cherry blossoms, there was no shortage of trees to take in and enjoy spring. So many people travel to see them, why not savor them close to home?!