Labor Day in P-A

We hopped in the car this Labor Day Weekend and headed west to Nemacolin, a resort in the Allegheny Mountains. We were spoiled with cool pools, all the mini golf we could handle, milk and cookies every night, good food and lots of activities. We spent our first full day pretty scheduled out with fun…

Running the Bases

Not sure why it took so long, but the boys finally ran the bases at Nationals Park! Fresh off a walk-off win from 5 runs down going into the 9th inning on a hot day, everyone was pumped for more baseball action – and that meant running in the steps of baseball greatness!

BTS Together for the Last Time

Back at Glebe again for the last time together as we have 1st and 5th graders! With summer seeming to start and end in a flash, the boys were excited to reunite with friends and tell tales of summer camp, travel and other adventures and begin another year of learning and fun!

Another Sleep Away Camp

Colin was gone for quite some time this summer at sleep away camp, but this time it was with friends at their home near Philly for some intense basketball fun (and more)! He got life with a brother and a few sisters, a sweet set up at a Phillies game, plus plenty of fun at…

Card-Carrying Italians

It was a three-year-long process (somewhat quick comparatively), but the journey for recognition of Italian citizenship was as complete as it was going to be – passports were in hand! What began as a discovery, turned into 10 months of research and documentation gathering before an appointment at the Italian Embassy in April 2021 (see…

A Night at the Museum

Some of us had a different adventure this summer by staying late at the Museum of Natural History with a friend. There were exhibits, demonstrations, challenges and more – all well after some of our bedtimes. That made it all the more fun!

Eating Well in Montreal

Ask any of the Tuckers about the trip to Montreal, and one of the highlights was undoubtedly the food! We hit up French, Canadian, Italian and Swiss, indulging with nearly every meal of the day!

Montreal Museum Mania

Another 4th of July and another trip to Canada, this time Montreal! We went to several cool museums, including the Science Centre, the Biodome and Insectarium. We explored, tried some experiments, was one with nature and more!