Adventures Along the Thames

Brian had joined the London party, so that meant a few more hot spots – many along the Thames River. We even went on a cruise and took in the sites from the water (with more playground time, of course).

Best of the Chi-town Rest

We packed so much in during our time in Chicago, so here’s a wrap up of many other highlights during our stay!

Soccer Shots Birthday

Colin’s daycare buddy Leo hit the big 3, and celebrated with a soccer-themed party. While it was a little steamy outside, the soccer drills, playground and – of course – cake were a huge hit!

Charleston: Activity Central

Charleston was always one of those cities on the “to do” list. And, it became a reality in November for a long weekend. It was great weather, so we enjoyed lots of time walking around and being outside. Here are a few of the key places we visited and activities we conquered.

The Force is strong in this one!

It is no secret that I am a geek for all things Star Wars. However, it was never anything I intended to push on Colin. He has a few Star Wars t-shirts, a couple books and stuffed characters…um, okay maybe I was hoping for him to be a fan. But, I didn’t dare think it…

A County (Af)Fair

With beautiful fall day ahead of us, we watched some of our tax dollars at work while attending the Fairfax County Fall Fest. This meant “free” arts and crafts, a petting zoo and entertainment, plus some not-so-free food and rides. Another great outing to demonstrate why fall is the best time of year!

Summertime Cool

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…and fun! With a whirlwind tour, spurred by the arrival of Colin’s newest friend – 2-week-old Maren – we caught up with many good friends. Given the near 90-degree heat, and much to C’s delight, there was plenty of pool time during the weekend…

Beat down!

Google Auto Awesome is…well…awesome. Every day, it uses our photos backed up on Google Drive, and creates something fun (using a program, not an actual person of course). Sometimes it’s adding David Hasselhoff in the background, floating hearts, or combining a few similar photos to create a GIF. Here are some of our favorites, including…