The Force is strong in this one!

It is no secret that I am a geek for all things Star Wars. However, it was never anything I intended to push on Colin. He has a few Star Wars t-shirts, a couple books and stuffed characters…um, okay maybe I was hoping for him to be a fan. But, I didn’t dare think it could compete with the likes of Batman, Mickey Mouse and the Hive.

But one evening, Colin was being cranky and I was, quite frankly, exhausted. So I pulled up a clip of Darth Vader battling Luke Skywalker from Episode VI (#parentoftheyear). Colin’s eyes became as wide as saucers. I explained to him who Luke Skywalker was, what that crazy sword was in his hands, and who that menacing man in the black hooded robe was. He was hooked. Since then, he insists on reading at least one Star Wars book each night and listening to John Williams’ “Imperial March” during meals. His Star Wars fever shows no signs of leaving, and I have to admit, I’m okay with that!

Star Wars Fan v2

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