Eggsellent Easter Prep

Easter means eggs – specifically having fun with friends dyeing them! This was year three with the Kohr family, where we seemed to add a new kid each year. Up to four boys, which proved enough for a messy, fun morning!

Easter for the Ages

Easter seems to have become the holiday of chocolate, so naturally it’s one of Colin’s most favorite days of the year! And, this one didn’t disappoint, especially when you add a ton of Legos, cousins to play with and bunny-shaped pancakes for breakfast!

An Eggcellent Saturday

It wouldn’t be Easter without some egg coloring! This year was just as fun as previous attempts, with buddy Aidan by C’s side. We upgraded the experience with Star Wars stickers, but the coloring part was definitely the highlight. We’re ready for Easter!

Easter Fun

It wouldn’t be Easter without chocolate…at least that’s what Colin thinks it’s all about (thanks, dad, cough cough). Well, her certainly got his fill of treats, whether enjoying bunny-shaped pancakes for breakfast, munching on chocolate from his Easter basket or finding little goodies during the egg hunt. But, by far, the most fun was had …

Eggsellent Afternoon

With Easter nearing, it was time for the annual tradition of egg dyeing. This year was twice as nice with Aidan over to join in on the fun. Not all the eggs ended up making it in the end, but it was a noble effort to finish…and a lot of fun!

A Hoppin’ Easter

Easter was a super action-packed day, and we were blessed with excellent weather! That meant tons of time outside, including an egg hunt with more than 100 candy-filled orbs for only six kids, two of which don’t yet eat candy. There was even a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny, who hopped in and out …

Getting Ready for Easter!

We made one attempt last year to dye eggs for Easter. But, given C was only six months old, he didn’t really know what was going on. Fast forward one year, and it’s a whole new ball game. C was a very active participant in this year’s egg dying experience.

Signs of Spring and Easter!

Spring had finally sprung in April, just in time for Easter! We had to try out at least one egg hunt this year (besides with the family of course), and this year’s was at Great Country Farms. The egg hunt was a little chaotic to say the least, but at least there were farm animals, …

Easter is Nice Twice!

The actual Easter holiday was spent in Western Maryland with the Tucker side. The extended family was around, some of whom hadn’t yet met Mr. C. We left a note at home, so the Easter Bunny knew where to find him. And, as expected, an Easter basket appeared the next morning! While mom and dad …