Easter with Family

Fresh off a busy first half of the day, the Tuckers headed north for some more Easter fun! There was baseball, egg hunting, soccer, running around and treats galore!

Easter Day On the Hunt

Unlike last year, we were home for Easter and made a day of it! By midday, the boys had done two egg hunts, searched for Easter baskets and had a meal out. And we were just getting started!

Going on an Egg Hunt

The Tucker boys were up for a redo of last year’s chilly Easter egg hunt at Leesburg Animal Park. It was slightly warmer, thanks to the sun, and just as successful in terms of egg haul.

Easter Times Two

Fresh off our return from our cruise and a day at Disney, there was something to look forward to despite the end of vacation – Easter treats! On Easter morning, the Easter Bunny had noted there were baskets waiting at home for the boys, and they couldn’t wait to find them!

A Chilly Egg Hunt

It has been nearly a decade, but we were back at Leesburg Animal Park, not for fall fun but rather spring adventures with some animal encounters and an egg hunt. It was a super chilly day, but we braved the cold for the glory of little plastic toys and some first encounters with a pony!

An Annual Eggspectation

Another Easter nears, and another egg dyeing event with the Kohrs – a first after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic (though there was plenty of egg-fueled fun outside last year). We upped the game with a volcano eggs, only adding to what is surely a few minutes of messy chaos!

Easter 2021 – Part 2!

Easter started out with fun inside, and with wonderful weather, we headed out back for a special egg hunt! The thrill of the hunt was over in a flash, but the sugar high lasted much longer!

Real, Live Egg Hunt!

While we had fun at home the last Easter, we were excited to find an opportunity for a hunt out and about this year! The wet weather kept others away – so plenty of room to fill up on eggs and outside fun!