Yay for Fall Fun!

We love our fall festivals, and probably none more so than Cox Farms. Since we know how popular this place can be, we enjoyed a fairly manageable crowd during its opening weekend. With cousins in tow, the boys managed to hit every attraction – some multiple times – to make for a fast-paced almost-fall day!

More Fall Festivities!

We needed one last taste of fall before the real cold set in, and we enjoyed it at Corn Maze in the Plains…and with cousins to make it even more special!

Hooray for Fall!

Fall is the best season of the year, but sometimes early fall still feels like summer. Nevertheless, we set out for a pumpkin festival to get in the “fall” mood, as the weather was still pretty warm. And, of course, it was awesome!

Family Photo Shoot

With the arrival of Owen and Christmas cards due right around the corner, we knew we wanted to capture the family with a nice fall photo shoot during the holiday season. We had lots of great photos thanks to Melissa Pinto Photography, and here are just some of the moments captured!

Pumpkin Pickin’ 2K16

It had been three years, but the Tuckers returned to Homestead Farms to pick out some pumpkins to truly get into the fall spirit! It was a beautiful day with plenty of bright orange gourds to pick from. We settled on two for our soon-to-be-carved creations – definitely the best of the bunch!

Fall Fest to Remember

Fall is the best time of year, and we started it off with a beautiful weekend day at Cox Farms (our second in so many years)! The weather – after weeks and weeks of 90-degree days – was beginning to turn a tiny bit cooler. The pumpkins and fall bounty were out in full force….

Family Fall Fun in the Country

Another month, another family birthday! Pop Pop hit another year older, and we celebrated during a crisp fall weekend in the country – plenty of chocolate items on hand to make it that much more exciting for the little ones, and booze for the adults!

A Fall Photoshoot

Thanks to the talents of Paula Paiva Photography, we got to capture the beauty of the season (and us frolicking in the woods for a half hour). All we have to say is thank goodness for the nearby playground to use as a bribe. Victory was ours!

A Hershey Halloween

Since one chocolate factory wasn’t enough for C, we hit two in two weeks with a trip to Hershey Park in the Dark. There were rides, trick or treating and even a zoo, making this chocolate-themed experience hard to beat!