No Laboring on Labor Day

We had a great Labor Day Weekend back in the Shenandoah Valley! The Cuddly Cub provided a great home base, and the upgrades to the property (think: kid’s play cabin and paddle boats) made it tough to leave. But, we ventured out on several occasions as we hit perfect weather the whole trip!

A Summer (Af)fair

After a one-year hiatus, the county fair was back in business, and we made it back from North Carolina just in time for the last day! We got our fill of rides, games and treats and promptly collapsed at home.

Out and About Birthday

This year’s birthday was thankfully not under a strict quarantine, so the Tucker family was out and about a bit – enjoying some brunch and dinner outdoors in between an action-packed little league game (in sweltering 90+-degree heat).

A Happy Tuesday

It’s tough to make a birthday fun when it falls in the middle of the week! But, taking the day off and having treats along the way can help. Here’s a recap of Brian’s special day.

A Bit of Baseball

It was more than a year and a half since we’d visited Nationals Park, and even longer since seeing a live game. And despite being the hottest day of the year thus far, we were excited to get back out at the park and enjoy some socially distanced baseball. The Nats narrowly eeked out a…

Mother’s Day 2021

Compared with last Mother’s Day, we were a lot more active this year, with not one, but two outdoor destinations on the schedule. First up was Il Forno with a mom/grandmother reunion after 15 months, and the second was some fine Italian dining in Arlington.

At Home with Washington

We enjoyed a beautiful day at Mt. Vernon and got to learn more about the Revolutionary War with cousins!

Thrill at the Theater

We had booked a trip to the movies so long ago, we had practically forgotten. But, the day had come to enjoy our very own theater to watch the (far-from) critically acclaimed Tom & Jerry movie. It was a definite treat!

Real, Live Egg Hunt!

While we had fun at home the last Easter, we were excited to find an opportunity for a hunt out and about this year! The wet weather kept others away – so plenty of room to fill up on eggs and outside fun!