An Annual Eggspectation

Another Easter nears, and another egg dyeing event with the Kohrs – a first after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic (though there was plenty of egg-fueled fun outside last year). We upped the game with a volcano eggs, only adding to what is surely a few minutes of messy chaos!

Thanksgiving 2021

We doubled our size since Thanksgiving 2020, hosting for the first time since 2018. It was a great meal, bookended with other Thanksgiving celebrations at school and with friends!

A First Friend Party

The pandemic put a hold on parties last year, so Owen had to be very patient for his first friend birthday party. The day came, and it didn’t disappoint! We had a bounce house, pizza and cake – all the ingredients of a perfect party!

PA After So Long

Just shy of a two-year hiatus, we traveled north to visit Penn-tastic friends! It reminded us what great friends we have, who we’d love to se every weekend and enjoy hanging out on their “resort” grounds!

A Grenadian Escape

It had been in the works for many years, and officially booked for several, but Megan and lifelong friends finally got an amazing week away on the beautiful island of Grenada. We escaped the resort a few times via a boat, but for the most part, just relaxed on the beach and by the pool…

Easter 2021 – Part 2!

Easter started out with fun inside, and with wonderful weather, we headed out back for a special egg hunt! The thrill of the hunt was over in a flash, but the sugar high lasted much longer!

A Friendly Christmas

Christmas with our “bubble family” was a nice change of pace from just the four of us. We fried up a turkey and had plenty of treats on hand for a crazy, sugar-filled way to end the holiday!

New Phones and an Evening “Out”

With new, improved phones, combined with the end of daylight savings, we used a recent evening with our bubble family to test out some evening ad night shots. We still have to learn better technique, but right off the bat, you can see the difference.

Eight is Great!

Colin turned 8 and enjoyed a great birthday weekend, despite COVID-19! He ticked off his amended must-do list, including spending time with friends and cousins, chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, having a picnic and scootering outside. All in all, it was a fabulous birthday celebration!