Eggsellent Easter Prep

Easter means eggs – specifically having fun with friends dyeing them! This was year three with the Kohr family, where we seemed to add a new kid each year. Up to four boys, which proved enough for a messy, fun morning!

Friends in Spring – PA

We showed Pennsylvania some love after visiting the New Jersey side of Philly. Colin and his Hoya buddies started the visit with some intense family vs. family board game competition, while Owen looked on, and the fun never stopped…until we had to go home of course!

Fourth with Friends

Colin celebrated his fourth birthday with his first-ever “friends” party. It was a Star Wars Lego-themed extravaganza at Bricks 4 Kidz in DC, filled with lots of Lego playing, pizza and some special ice cream cake. It was more than he and we could have hoped for, and all the friends and family made it …

Fall Sports Roundup

C has a very ambitious fall with tee-ball and swimming to keep him busy as the temperature begins to drop. During his first-ever swimming lessons without a parent in the pool, C jumped in with all the enthusiasm needed to be a star student. He approached baseball the same way, gearing up for an active …

PACE Babes Turn Four

Pals since nearly birth, the PACE babes have participating in a few “couch” photos over the years to celebrate their birthday milestones. This year the not-so-little guys and gals turn four!

Jumping All Over the Place!

May 2016 saw lots and lots of rain and cold. It wasn’t until the end of the month that spring and summer started to emerge. That meant finding lots of ways to expend energy, including a two-for-one day of fun with Aidan at the bounce house place and Josh at the trampoline park. Colin slept …