The Road to Abu Dhabi

Traveling back and forth from Dubai at least a few times a week, I have the commute down. I know I should pass Etihad Plaza – our former home – in about 20 minutes. Once I hit Ghantoot, I’m just a few minutes from the Abu Dhabi/Dubai border. And crossing into Dubai, I’ve got another 20-25 minutes until I’m at the office.

Even on the highway, it’s very apparent which emirate you’re in. Abu Dhabi likes to flash its cash, being in a much more stable place than Dubai. You’ll notice in the video that Abu Dhabi’s section of the main highway is lined with palm trees all the way through. But once you cross into Dubai, they just stop, giving not much more than sand to look at for about 10 minutes or so. Even the lights are smaller.

It’s an interesting – if random – observation that makes the hour trek something of an amusement your first time.

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