Without An Address

The Emirates Post Office doesn’t offer direct home or office mail delivery; mail goes to PO Boxes. Because this system isn’t set up, there’s no desire to formalize actual addresses. Businesses, apartment buildings, government agencies etc. are near landmarks or cross streets; restaurants and bars in or near hotels.

It seems we have gotten used to tolerating this system, albeit a bit backwards. For example, I noticed today that the Indian Embassy is outsourcing its visa processing services to a local company, which is good to know as we plan to head to the country later this year.

I was interested to find out the location to see if it was convenient. The address given was: “M-1, Plot No. 159, Shark Lot (19/2), Near Main Bus Depot, Muroor Road, Opposite Aramex Office, Abu Dhabi.” Sadly, or not, I know exactly where this is because we’ve been to the Aramex office a few times to pick up goods from the US and UK (see our contact info for details on how to use that service).

We long for an actual address – to get mail delivered to home, to have an exact location for a taxi pick up, to give easier directions etc. But, for now, we’re moving on without an address…

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