Camel’s milk…yummy!

From our conversations with friends and family back home, the one topic that seems to draw the most interest about the U.A.E. is camels. Camel races, riding camels, camel markets, camels in pickup trucks….all things you don’t typically see in the States.

But of all our camel stories so far, perhaps the oddest might be the fact that Dubai is home to Al Nassma – the only manufacturer of camel’s milk chocolate in the world. Wait, what? Chocolate made from camel’s milk? Of course we had to try that!

Despite having grand plans to expand to Toyko and New York, Al Nassma was not that easy to find in Abu Dhabi (actually only 3 places sell it here). But we finally found the closest one and bought a few bars.

Now they say camel’s milk has some health benefits over cow’s milk, including the ability to be consumed by those who are normally lactose intolerant. I’m not sure about all that, but I will tell you how it tastes in my video review below…

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