Code of the Road


Being off the UAE roads for a little bit gave us a bit of perspective on how “fun” the driving is here. So you can hit the ground running – or in this case driving – when you come visit, here are a few key rules of the road…

Flashing the headlights – a way of telling people to get out of your way…sometimes done more than 1/3 mile out if they don’t want to bother taking the car off cruise control or taking both their feet off the dashboard (we wish we were kidding)
Brakes – used when you want to slow down a bit
Emergency flashers – used when you “really” want to stop quickly or suddenly (as in an accident or traffic jam ahead – “normal” brakes wouldn’t cause enough alert)
Turn signalsoptional, but appreciated (required by law of course)
Speed limits for show, to some extent…note the image below from a local paper which states that the highway speed limit is 120kph but admits you won’t get a ticket unless you’re going over 140kph

So, what's the real speed limit?

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