Desert + Client Training = First Week of Work


So, I knew my first week of work would primarily be spent training comms professionals in the ways of media and PR planning. But, I didn’t realize part of it would be a desert safari…I experienced the exact opposite of the tranquility Brian “suffered” while lounging around a 5-star hotel and walking the halls of the poshest malls in the world. This “fun” evening activity involved an adrenaline-junky driver hurling us around in a 4×4 in the desert about 40 minutes outside of Dubai, allowing a photo stop and a moment to settle our stomach contents. After the thrill ride, we were led to a “traditional” bedouin camp experience with dinner, Egyptian dance, shisha tent, henna and totally authentic skimpy belly dancer wear. But, importantly, it allowed for┬áthe first camel sighting! Behold…

Getting the tires ready for adventure!
A necessary photo stop to help keep my lunch down
Our first camel sighting!!!

P.S. I’d recommend this experience, but one of my client attendees did get sick as we were heading to the bedouin “camp”.

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