Fasting at 2,700 feet

Knowing when the sun rises and sets is extremely important during Ramadan. At sunrise, your fast begins and at sunset, your fast ends. Sounds pretty straight forward.

But what happens if your line of sight was such that you saw the setting sun a little bit longer than the rest of us? Sound impossible? Well consider the tenants of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. It has been declared that residents on floors 80-150 will see the sun rise approximately 2 minutes sooner than those of us on the ground. And conversely, they will see the sun set 2 minutes later than the rest of us. If you live on floors 151-160, that differential jumps to 3 minutes. As a result, Muslims on those floors will need to adjust their fasting accordingly.

Up until this point, I never really considered how altitude impacted our line of sight with the sun. But for Muslims during Ramadan, these details are quite important.

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