Forever Scarred, Yet Comforted, Going to Class

So, the most traumatic parenting experience (at least up until that point) was going to childbirth class and touring the hospital for the fateful delivery day. We learned what to expect about the stages of labor, the delivery and the first few days after Baby Plum is born. And, yes, there was a video (with lots of looking away involved and some laughs due to idiot husband commentary and the 1980’s hairdos and outfits).

We were comforted by the hospital tour at the end of the day, to see where it’s all going to go down. Namely because we didn’t hear screaming or watch women in labor freak out…but also because the digs looked bright and cheery (likely a distracting mechanism) with all the bells and whistles of medical equipment should we need them.

Check out what we saw (in the hospital, NOT the class!)…

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