Our New Apartment!


After some last minute drama, we got word this morning that we have successfully secured our new, “permanent” apartment!! Right now I don’t have a lot of pictures to share, but can run through the quick highlights:

– It’s a brand new building in the Al Muroor area (which I know means nothing to you, but check out the map below). Basically, it is only 10 minutes from Meg’s office and only about 15 minutes from the beaches and downtown area. A good compromise, we think.

– Its right next to the Al Jazira Sports Club, the stadium that hosts numerous soccer…er, sorry, football matches each year. It’s owned by the same chap who owns the Manchester City club in England. Neither of us are big soccer fans, but probably won’t pass an opportunity to walk to a few games.

– On the roof, there is a pool, cafe and huge gym/sauna. At the bottom of the building, there will be a few shops – cafe, market, etc.

– The apartment itself is 2 bedroom, 2.5 baths. The living room, master and guest rooms all have large windows that have decent views of the city (see below). In the living room, there is a small walk-out balcony, so lots of light.

I think right now we are trying to take the keys on the 15th which would give us a week of overlap with our current place. That should help make the transition a little smoother….we hope….more to come!

GREEN = current apartment and YELLOW = new place So as you can see, much closer to the action

Ours is the light brown building in the center- the one with the crane

The view from the new place

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