Random Observations

As we draw to a close on our first week here in Abu Dhabi, we just wanted to share some initial observations…

– There is WAY more grass and trees here than we ever expected…and not just at hotels, but everywhere. A pleasant surprise, to say the least! But then agan, I guess that’s what 250 million gallons of water per day will get you (highest consumption in world).

– Everything is so clean…from sidewalks to roads to parks, you see almost no trash laying about. It took us a few days to notice this one.

– Kids here are just as wild as American kids. We witnessed one local child hurl himself onto the ground and refuse to accompany his mother unless she bought him something. We have seen other kids run amuck in stores, full of sugar and mischief. Refreshing to see how similar we all really are.

– Yes, we get some stares. But compared to the looks we got in China, we feel like half-Emiratis!

– Food portions, both in grocery stores and fast food places, have been noticeablly smaller than we get in America [insert fat American joke here]

A few other highlights…

Third largest Mosque in world, 1st largest outside of Saudia Arabia
Their pull-tab cans have a really small opening, which isn't nearly as nice to drink from as American cans. Remind me to NEVER again mock Coors' Wide Mouth' cans!!
Scenes of grass and trees are not uncommon in Abu Dhabi (from our bus tour)
At a price tag of $3billion, Emirates Palace is reportedly the most expensive hotel ever built
This picture doesn’t do it justice, but portions, such as yogurt, are much smaller than back home
Il Forno's Abu Dhabi locations deliver!

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  1. Jeanette Browne says:

    Hi Megan and Brian,
    Leslie sent us the address for your blog and we will certainly become fans. We are just back in Canada after our own wonderful experience of a year in France so it will be interesting to read about what happens to you both in a much more exotic environment. We too had a blog and it not only was fun to write but helped me, the writer, make sense of and notice lots of what was happening for us. Thanks for sharing!

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