We call “Du over”!

So, our last concert was Madonna in the newly coined Du Arena, poised to be a fitting and fabulous end to what was nearly a dozen concerts in our two years here. Unfortunately, it was memorable for the wrong reasons. First, being June, it was hot. Super hot. And, being packed into an outdoor arena did not help things. Second, Madonna’s 9pm stage time came and went…for an hour and 45 minutes. Yep, the concert started at 10:45pm on a school night. Third, Madonna performed about 3 songs not on the new album.

It wasn’t all bad. The stage was stunning – they went all out with displays…and lots of them. “Like a Prayer” capped the night, which was awesome. But, the damage had been done, and we left the show disappointed. Luckily, memories of great shows like Paul McCartney, Elton John and Train during our time here will live on!

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