We Count!

Abu Dhabi has embarked on the huge task of counting every man, woman and child in the Capital. No easy feat to be sure, but Meg and I can proudly say we did our part.

One evening about a month ago, the doorbell range; a large envelope appeared mysteriously at our door. Inside, several pages of forms for us to fill out included questions on our age, marital status, education, profession, etc. (Far more detailed than the 10 questions the U.S. asked us last year!)

We dutifully completed the forms. But, there was NO information about where to hand in the forms and how. So, they sat on our kitchen table for a bit, wishing and hoping to serve a purpose.

Then a few nights ago, a census worker rang our doorbell yet again to collect the forms. After a quick glance to make sure everything was in order, she smiled, thanked us and put a sticker on our door to show that we have been counted and, simultaneously, making us part of UAE history.

Preliminary results are scheduled to be released in December…

Two college educated adults from the U.S....check

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