Week in Review

Since the U.A.E. uses a Sunday to Thursday work week, it’s time to relax. Overall this week has been busy, but manageable, which is a good thing since it means we are starting to get into a routine. A few of the highlights:

– Of course the week started with the drama of us finally securing our new apartment. I’ll elaborate on this interesting chain of events in a separate post tomorrow.

– Megan finished her first full week of actually being in the Abu Dhabi office. It was hectic, to say the least. Several client meetings and a last minute new business proposal made for a long week. But she got thru!

– On Tuesday night, I met Megan at Ikea after work where we spent several hours buying furniture for the new digs. The challenge was to not spend a ton (since we only need the stuff for a year) but yet get something that looks good and is comfortable. To be honest, I think we rose to the occasion and made some good picks. It will be delivered, and assembled (hallelujah!) next Sunday, at which point we’ll post some good pictures.

– On the job search front, I have an interview next week with another recruiting firm. They were very eager to meet with me once they saw my resume (which is a good sign). The first recruiting firm I met with has a potential opportunity in Dubai – an opportunity I’ll pursue but am hesitant about a 3 hour per day commute. We’ll see but I’m hopeful that as I make more contacts, the opportunities will grow and I’ll find something that is a good fit.

Did you know: in the U.A.E., they don’t call it a resume. Instead it’s referred to as your “CV”, which is short for Curriculum Vitae.

Kicking back with a stiff drink and Hulu to end the week

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