84 Degrees in February

The family had grand plans of a fantastic – albeit short – cruise from Southern Florida to the Bahamas over President’s Day weekend. But, Winter Storm Pax had other plans, grounding our incoming plane and cancelling our flight (with no option to reschedule that day, or even the next). Determined to feel some of the warmth we so desperately craved, we made a last-minute reservation at Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg. The indoor water park boasts 84 degrees year round.

Colin was none the wiser, and likely had an even better time splashing about than trekking around the Caribbean Sea. His two favorite activities? Water fountains situated around the park and the kiddie water slides, which he went down alone – gladly – due to those particular slides’ rules.

We also took a break from the water by strolling in historic Williamsburg. The sunny day, combined with water park fun, made the storm seem like a distant memory…

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