A Perfect 4.0

Ok I admit it – I just celebrated my 40th birthday. Yes, 40. And while the prospect of doing so didn’t exactly sit well with me, my beautiful wife made sure it was celebrated in style.

The “Weekend of Brian” kicked off with a check-in to the newly opened Park Hyatt Resort on Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi’s up and coming cultural district. In between lounging and swimming, we took in an amazing brunch at the nearby St. Regis hotel. The day was capped off with a gathering of friends at Monte Carlo Beach Club, complete with bottle service and some mysterious Lebanese shots (thanks Ryan).

So to Megan and all our friends who came out – thank you so much! There is a lot we will miss about living in the UAE, but you guys are at the top of that list. (well not you, Megan…I assume you are coming home with me)

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