Dreamy Dubai Birthday

No rest for the weary, when it came to birthday weekends. With our birthdays only 10 days apart, we tend to “celebrate” a lot this time of year. On Megan’s birthday, we enjoyed a nice meal at a great Italian restaurant. And this past weekend, we stayed closer to home – going to Dubai – but it felt like a whole world away at the Qasr Hotel in the Madinat Jumeirah (or Jumeirah City) complex of hotels and a souk.

We did the relaxing weekend staples – lounging at the pool and beach, eating brunch (by far the best one we’ve been to in the UAE) and checking out the spa. One of the many highlights was going to the Burj al Arab hotel for some birthday drinks 200 meters up at the hotel’s Skyview bar. It was expensive, as you can imagine, but a treat in itself and another hot spot to hit!

Some of the sights from the weekend…

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