Hitting the Dunes

One of the traditional “touristy” yet fun things to do in the UAE is a desert safari – where you basically get taken bashing through sand dunes by a local driver on a mission to elicit screams and set up home base at a makeshift bedouin camp with food and activities such as camel riding.

For the most part, it was a great time. One of us – you’ll have to guess who – didn’t fare so well during the dune bashing. Other than that, you can see our great adventures below!

We rented a quad bike to take our own adventure in the sand!

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  1. Ed Russell says:

    I like the Arab Davy Crockett. Maybe you stay there and Kath and I will join you.

  2. Mike Pohorylo says:

    Dad fits right in with his khakis and Polo shirt.

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