Just call me Aquaman!

Following in Megan’s footsteps, I completed my PADI scuba certification over the weekend. The certification itself was broken into three parts that took a few weeks to complete….6 hours of online courses/exams….about 8 hours of hands-on learning in a pool…followed by 4 dives in the open water, which is like the final exam where all of your practice and knowledge are put to the test.

Despite my initial apprehensions (and butterflies before the first dive), the experience ended up being a lot of fun. I can now honestly say that I’m looking forward to our weekend dive trip to Musendam, Oman at the end of the month. We have an underwater camera so look out for a post and pictures!

Despite having already earned my certification, Medz wouldn’t rest until I did a forward roll entry into the water. So I mustered this pathetic attempt at the end of a very long day. Note that my hesitation is not so much for the flip, but the fear of hitting that huge outboard. Unfortunately my efforts didn’t negate the six pints I still owe him for various diving infractions….ha!

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