Musandam Good Time

Our diving trip to Musandam, Oman didn’t start well. As we pulled up to the Oman-UAE border, I realized I forgot my passport…during the 4 hour boat ride from the port of Diba, Oman to the diving site in Musandam, the rough water wreaked havoc on Megan’s stomach contents…the lens on the camera we brought broke….*sigh*.

But things bounced back – border patrol accepted my labor card as ID…the seas calmed and some meds helped rejuvenate Meg…I was able to fix the camera enough so that it was usable…

With that drama out of the way, the trip was fantastic! It was a two-night affair, arriving at the port after work on Thursday, cruising to our first destination that night and then making our way back to land over the next two days. We sailed along rocky cliffs, took part in five day dives and one night dive, sunned and napped between dives and enjoyed time with new and older friends.

Beautiful weather, some great dives, good food and friends…overall, a great time!

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