Nature’s Tank: The Rhino

It wasn’t too long into our first safari drive when we happened upon the 2nd member of the Big 5 – the rhinoceros. It was a mother and a youngster out munching on some grass. When they saw us, they were at first a bit nervous and kept their distance. A few days later, we encountered a pair of adults who were far less concerned with our presence.

Our first reaction to seeing these awesome creatures was holy cow – the adult rhino is massive! It is built like a small tank with a horn. I shutter to think at the damage they could do to anything they rammed! Watching them, it’s not hard to believe that their genetic roots trace back millions of years. Just awesome animals!

After one of the morning rhino-filled drives, we were treated to a pancake snack in the bush. Sure, there was syrup, but the big plus was the homemade caramel sauce…washed down with a mimosa. Ah, the lodge lifestyle!

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