Alive at Last: The Buffalo

The first time we saw the buffalo, it had been on the wrong end of the food chain thanks to a pack of lions (more pictures of that later). However, thanks to our amazing guides, we encountered the mighty buffalo alive and doing quite well on the following day. It happened during an early morning drive where we were fortunate enough to find a herd just as they were descending upon a watering hole. Far too thirsty to care about us, the buffalo posed nicely for some pictures and video. Big 5 animal number 3 – check!

Now tracking down these animals did come at a price – while off-roading in our jeep, the terrain got the better of one of our tires. Dan and Greg had it changed in no time. Luckily for us, none of the animals seemed to notice us being temporarily stranded.

Interesting fact – the buffalo is responsible for more human deaths than any of its Big 5 colleagues.

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