On the Road Again!

So as Megan mentioned in a previous post, we finally took the plunge to rent a car after being in Abu Dhabi for over a month without wheels. Having to rely on taxis 24-7 gets old…fast! And it’s strange, but having a car really is helping us feel more “normal” and not so much like tourists. I wanted to follow up on her post with some videos, pictures and a quick story about renting the Rav 4.

Quick story: So we picked up the Rav 4 at the AD airport on Friday morning. As you’ll see in the video below, which was literally taken not more than 60 seconds of us being in the car for the first time, a police car passed us. After I stopped filming, the police car slowed way down to the point where we had no choice but to pass it. We weren’t entirely sure what the speed limit was, but figured we couldn’t possibly be exceeding it. Well as soon as we overtook the police car, they got behind us and turned on their lights. We were dumbfounded! We had only been in the car for 60 seconds – how could we have broken any laws?!!? My initial thought was they saw me filming and thought I was filming the airport. (Things get a little dicey when it comes to filming government buildings). But then again, we were definitely outside of the airport.

So the officer comes up to the car and Meg gives him her license and paperwork on the car. He looked it over and Meg asked what she did wrong. He smiled and said, “Nothing, just checking” and gave back the paperwork. We both smiled and told him to have a good day. To this day, we aren’t entirely sure what he was checking, but I’m glad we passed his test! LOL

TOYOTA RAV 4 – The police car that passes us is the one that eventually pulls us over “just to check”.

NISSAN TIIDA – Megan’s baby!

DRIVING PAST ABU DHABI NATIONAL EXHIBITION CENTRE (ADNEC, as the locals call it) – The most leaning building in the world!

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